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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 9: March 1899.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Henry seek to correct about the American girls he tours Paris with?
(a) their flirtatiousness with European men
(b) their speech, the way they drop consonants
(c) their gaudy clothes
(d) their rude manners

2. What part of Henry's hand hurt him?
(a) along and around the bone from his wrist to his little finger
(b) his thumb running to his wrist
(c) all his fingers
(d) his forefinger and palm

3. How old was Henry James when he was touring Paris with the two American sisters?
(a) 56
(b) 55
(c) 57
(d) 59

4. What was the garden at Lamb House like?
(a) well-tended but too large for Henry's needs
(b) medium-sized but the plantings weren't to Henry's liking
(c) small with beautiful plantings
(d) neglected but with a great deal of promise

5. After Alice's arrival in England, what novel did Henry write that had a double portrait of her?
(a) Portrait of a Lady
(b) The Bostonians
(c) Daisy Miller
(d) The Princess Casamassima

Short Answer Questions

1. Constance had a letter of introduction from whom which she gave Henry?

2. Where did Henry spend time that summer in Chapter 6?

3. Where and when had Henry met Constance?

4. Who was the person Alice disliked and lived below her in London?

5. How did Henry's sister Alice react when her mother died?

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