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Lesson 1 (from Chapter 1: January 1895)


Chapter 1: January 1895

Henry James has a dream in the beginning of Chapter 1 which haunts him. The objective of this lesson is to have the class try to analyze the dream to find out more about Henry James' personality and his relationship to his mother and aunt. Also the topic

of dream analysis will be discussed by the students and experiences they themselves have had with dreams.


1) For class discussion: Ask for a volunteer to recount the dream Henry has before the class discusses it. Have the class discuss

what they feel they have learned about Henry's personality, his possible fears and his relationship with his mother and aunt.

2) For class debate: Divide the class into two groups. Have one group represent the importance of dreams in revealing things about the dreamer , his life conflicts, his relationships etc. Have the other group contend that dreams are...

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