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Henry James

This character is an American novelist living in England who is haunted by people in his past.

Alice James

This character is Henry's younger sister who suffers from ill health.

William James

This character is Henry's brother and fiercest competitor who also attended Harvard and has a good business sense.

Alice James

This character is William's wife and becomes more important near the end of the novel.

Minny Temple

This character is Henry's cousin and perhaps the female love of his life who is the inspiration for PORTRAIT OF A LADY.

Constance Fenimore Woolson

This character is Henry's closest female friend, a witty novelist who commits suicide in Venice.

Hendrik Andersen

This character is a Norwegian sculptor identifying himself as an American with whom Henry has a flirtation.

Lady Wolseley

This character is a friend of Henry's who is a gossip and helps him decorate his...

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