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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 12, 'A Matter of Life and Death'.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Okada tell Jiro to claim?
(a) That Jiro stole a copy of the play.
(b) That Okada is going to put Jiro in charge of the other boys.
(c) That Jiro is going to be allowed to control a puppet.
(d) That Jiro has memorized the play just by listening to it.

2. What do the other boys do for Kinshi?
(a) Keep him awake.
(b) Cover for him.
(c) There's nothing they can do for him.
(d) Find him a better-fitting harness.

3. What does Kinshi admire?
(a) His father's performance.
(b) Jiro leaving home voluntarily.
(c) One young girl in the audience.
(d) Jiro's dexterity.

4. What does Jiro ask Kinshi after the performance?
(a) If Kinshi is ill.
(b) To see if Yoshida will excuse Kenshi from the play.
(c) Not to go out again that night.
(d) To go with Jiro to see Jiro's mother.

5. What does Mochida ask Jiro the next morning?
(a) Why Kanshi fell asleep at practice the day before.
(b) Why Kanshi seems always tired.
(c) Where Kanshi is.
(d) If Kanshi is ill.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Isako not let Jiro do?

2. For what is Yoshida disciplining one of the boys?

3. Who does Joman disguise himself as?

4. Why does Jiro know he cannot turn in Yashida?

5. Where does Kinshi say it is forbidden to go?

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