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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 5, 'The Fourth Fearful Thing'.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is wrong with Hanji?
(a) He had a stroke.
(b) He broke his hip.
(c) He had a heart attack.
(d) He has bad lungs.

2. What does Jiro find when he is stealing the text of the next play?
(a) Nothing out of the ordinary.
(b) A letter from Yoshida to Saburo.
(c) A basket hat.
(d) A letter from Hanji to Yoshida.

3. Who is Yoshida?
(a) A master potter.
(b) Jiro's brother.
(c) Jiro's uncle.
(d) The master puppeteer.

4. What is the state of Jiro's family?
(a) They have to send in more tax money.
(b) Comfortable.
(c) They have to move.
(d) Hungry.

5. Who is Taro?
(a) Jiro's neighbor.
(b) Jiro's cousin.
(c) The mean grain merchant.
(d) Another puppet apprentice.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is Kinshi?

2. What is Kwada's job in the theater?

3. About what has Yoshida just sent word?

4. Who tells Jiro he is selfish?

5. Where are Hanji and Isako?

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