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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 9, 'Night Rovers'.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What will Jiro be able to do someday if he is employed properly?
(a) Help his siblings.
(b) Set up his own vegetable farm.
(c) Give his family money.
(d) Marry.

2. Why is the merchant supposedly arrested?
(a) For ties to Saburo.
(b) For cheating on his taxes.
(c) For bad scales.
(d) For accepting bribes.

3. What does Jiro decide to do on the New Year instead of celebrating with the others?
(a) Go see his mother.
(b) Go to talk to his brother.
(c) Work overtime for some food for his mother.
(d) Sleep.

4. What list does Yoshida post?
(a) The names of the expected attendees of the opening night of the new play.
(b) The rotation of cleaning and scrubbing duties.
(c) A list of new words in the play.
(d) The boys' roles in the new play.

5. Who is Kinshi?
(a) The son of Saburo.
(b) The boy Jiro saw being disciplined.
(c) The blacksmith's son.
(d) A beggar boy Jiro meets at the blacksmith's stable.

Short Answer Questions

1. How many ryo are placed as a reward on Saburo's head?

2. Who comes to the theater the next morning?

3. Who tells Jiro he is selfish?

4. What is Joman's occupation?

5. Who does Joman disguise himself as?

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