The Master Puppeteer Character Descriptions

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Jiro - The story is told from this character's point of view.

Kinshi/Yoshida Kinshi - Yoshida's son and Jiro's best friend at the theater.

Hanji - A puppet maker who sells his puppets to Yoshida, the owner of the Hanaza theater.

Isako - A grumpy and often depressed woman who has experienced a lot of tragedy in life.

Yoshida - The owner of the Hanaza, the puppet theater to which Jiro apprentices himself.

Okada/Saburo - A blind man who works as the master chanter at the puppet theater.

Wada - The oldest of the apprentice boys and the most superior second only to Kinshi.

Minoru - He has a handsome face but is very fat.

Teiji - A nervous boy who stutters when he talks.

Mochida - The left-handed operator at the theater and is in charge of the apprentices.

Tozo - The personal assistant...

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