Objects & Places from The Mask of Command

John Keegan
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Hitler's campaign to take over this region and essentially the world, began in Germany.

United States

This is the setting for the conquests and military experiences of Ulysses S. Grant. The year was 1862.


This was the home to Philip II and Alexander the Great. It would soon become the focus of the world as Alexander conquered Persia.


This was the largest and most powerful kingdom in Alexander the Great's day. Alexander managed to defeat the Emperor Darius and overtake the great region for his own.

Berlin, Germany

This was the home base for Adolph Hitler and the Third Reich during World War II.

West Point

This is a world renowned military academy attended by U.S. Grant and many other notable figures. It is located in New York.


This is the site at which Wellington defeated Napoleon and the French Army during a four...

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