The Mask of Command Fun Activities

John Keegan
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Building an Empire

Research an empire of your choice. How did it begin? How did it become an empire? What was the fate of this empire? How has it affected the rest of the world?

The Nuclear Age

Research a period of time that was considered part of the nuclear age. How was it a part of the nuclear age? How did this affect the people of our world at the time? Write a one-page paper in response.

Greek God Monologue

Research one of the Greek gods or goddesses. Using this information, create a two-minute monologue for your god or goddess. Perform your monologue for the class.

Macedonian Theater Part 1

Research life in Macedonia, as well as the Macedonians' interest in theater and drama. Working with a small group, write a ten-minute play based on your research.

Macedonian Theater Part 2

Rehearse and perform you original play for the...

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