The Mask of Command Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

John Keegan
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Part 1, Chapters 1-11

• Keegan compares Alexander to many other leaders, although he seems to believe that none can match Alexander the Great.

• Alexander was the eldest son of Philip II of Macedonia and Olympias; both parents were very intense and their relationship fell apart.
• Alexander was educated by Aristotle, but Alexander was more impressed with Philip's conquests.

• When Alexander was twenty-one his father died and he assumed power; he and his men marched for ten years before finally taking over Persia, Alexander's lifelong dream.
• Macedonia was not as rich as many of its neighbors and enemies, but it had a wealth of natural resources and a strong leader.

• The Macedonian army was essentially a militia, which meant the men were invested in their cause but less trained than pro soldiers.
• There were several divisions of soldiers with some being quite skilled and having the job of protecting Alexander...

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