The Martian Short Answer Test - Answer Key

Andy Weir
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1. At what point might Mark’s crew believe that he has died?

Sol 6.

2. What was Mark’s Ares Mission?


3. How many different ships are used to get to and from Mars?


4. What type of engines power the Hermes?


5. How long did it take Mark’s crew to get to Mars?

124 days.

6. How many individuals can ride in the MDV?


7. How many unmanned missions did it take to deliver the supplies for Mark’s mission on Mars?


8. How long does a Mars mission take?

3 years.

9. What speed of sandstorm gusts is a mission supposed to be able to handle?

150 kph.

10. What was the speed of sandstorm gusts that buffeted Mark’s mission?

175 kph.

11. Mark’s crew ordered to abort their mission after how many days?


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