The Martian Fun Activities

Andy Weir
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Create a diorama of Mark’s living quarters on Mars.


Research how many calories humans need to survive based on if they are sedentary or if they are active. Determine how many calories you should eat daily based on your activity level.


Create a topographical map of Mars.


Research the Pathfinder and its mission. Write a short report about what you learned.


Mark navigates by Phobus. Research and discuss with a group what Phobus is and why Mark can use it to navigate by.

Pathfinder and Sojourner

Create of sketch of the lander and rover.

He’s Alive!

Write a few paragraphs describing how you might feel if you learned that a friend or family member you thought had died was actually alive.

Spending Limits

When the Iris was launched, some reporters asked if there was a spending limit for the rescue operation...

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