The Martian Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

Andy Weir
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Essay Topic 1

The point of view in the novel alternates between first person and third person. Why is it necessary for the author to change the point of view in certain sections of the novel? What part of the story could not have been told from Mark’s point of view?

Essay Topic 2

Mark is stranded on Mars. What happens that causes the mission to be aborted? What happens to Mark? Why does the crew leave him behind?

Essay Topic 3

Mark becomes a farmer during his stay on Mars. Why does Mark decide to grow potatoes? How successful is he as a farmer? Why is his farming so important to his survival?

Essay Topic 4

Throughout the novel, Mark finds himself in danger. What is the most dangerous thing that Mark experiences on Mars? What gets him through these dangerous events?

Essay Topic 5

In Chapter 5, Mark causes an explosion...

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