The Martian Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Andy Weir
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Chapters 1-2

• Six months of what should have been the greatest months of Mark Watney's life have turned into a nightmare.

• As members of the Ares 3 mission to Mars, Mark and his fellow crew members are sandblasted by 175 kph winds.

• Since the mission is designed for gusts up to 150 kph, NASA gives the order to abort the mission after only 6 days.

• As they are leaving, a thin antenna from the communications dish slams into Mark.

• It tears through his suit, and the last thing Mark remembers is seeing Johanssen hopelessly reaching out for him.

• Mark awakens to the sound of his oxygen alarm.

• He is face-down, nearly buried in the sand, with a hole in his suit and his side.

• His suit performed admirably and managed to seal the hole and keep him supplied with oxygen.

• However the level of oxygen is much too high, and Mark is...

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