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Charles Sellers
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 9, Politicians.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Sellers say happened to farmers during the economic crash?
(a) They had to pay cash wages for labor they used to get simply for room and board.
(b) They lost money in speculation and were sucked into the market.
(c) They sold their farms and moved their families to the cities.
(d) They could not afford the costs of raising their crops.

2. How was the question of slavery's expansion into Missouri cast?
(a) As a fight over states' rights.
(b) As a human rights issue.
(c) As a cultural fight to the death.
(d) As an economic issue.

3. Where did reformers look for a model of how society could be?
(a) The institutions that were formed in the French Revolution.
(b) Utopian theories.
(c) Government structures from England.
(d) New forms of radical democratic institutions.

4. What is the only way to cope the with economic stress of the market, according to Sellers?
(a) Return to a pastoral place as often as possible.
(b) Invest in the companies that make capitalism work for you.
(c) Internalize unhealthy coping mechanisms.
(d) Invent labor-saving devices to allow more free time.

5. What faction became particularly powerful as a result of Republican policies?
(a) Southern agriculturalists.
(b) Western railroads.
(c) Northern manufacturers.
(d) New York commercial interests.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who were the Bucktails opposed to in New York?

2. How does Sellers describe the composition of the democratic field when Andrew Jackson was running for the democratic nomination?

3. Where does Sellers situate Jonathan Edwards and Samuel Hopkins?

4. What does capitalism result in, according to Sellers?

5. How did the Second Great Awakening affect Jackson's America, according to Sellers?

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