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Short Answer Questions

1. For what does Chaim need forgiveness?

2. What characteristic does David attribute to Chang?

3. What about Carpathia discouraged Hannah's loyalty?

4. What do Albie and Buck witness at the prison?

5. Laslo's wife is attacked for what reason?

Short Essay Questions

1. What new turn of events does Hannah discover at the morgue? What makes the Tribulation Force suspicious about the news?

2. What has changed about the job taken over by Hickman? What are Hickman's qualifications?

3. Why does David insist on taking Ming to the safe house before Chang is hired on at the department? Why is the timing important?

4. Why are the members of the Tribulation Force suffering from cabin fever? What is cabin fever?

5. Chaim and Rayford discuss Carpathia's death. How did Carpathia die? Who was responsible?

6. What happens after Albie and Buck arrive in Greece? Where do the men go? Why?

7. Hickman makes a mistake when talking to Carpathia that might get him into trouble. What is the mistake?

8. What does Chaim mean when he says he cannot be the "modern day Moses?"

9. Buck and Albie try desperately to save Laslo's wife from the execution. Explain Buck and Albie's actions and the outcome.

10. Why is Chaim pacing and brooding at the safe house?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The main members of the Tribulation Force know that they must be removed from Carpathia's radar if they are to succeed in their mission and maintain a safe existence. Why is that the only way? Are there other ways in which the members of the Force could remain safe? Explain the plan developed by Albie and the rest of the group for escape. Do you think it was a wise or foolish plan? Do you think the plan will eventually be uncovered?

Essay Topic 2

Tsion is clearly one of the most intelligent members of the Tribulation Force. When discussing Little Zeke with Buck, Tsion claims that it would take the boy years to read the texts he had read yet the boy is a genius at "technical stuff." Examine Tsion's overall opinion of Zeke. How does Zeke's ability to absorb academic information affect his faith? Is Zeke truly a member of the Force? How might Zeke improve his learning of the beliefs embodied by the Force?

Essay Topic 3

Big Zeke is arrested and knows that Carpathia's people will try to make him receive the Mark. Examine Zeke's faith and how you think the believer would initially react to the arrest. What might have happened to Zeke right after the arrest? How did Little Zeke handle the arrest and his father's eventual death?

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