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Short Answer Questions

1. The group is beginning to experience what?

2. Buck suffers from what malady?

3. Who is not among the group joining Rayford?

4. Rayford attempted to do what to Carpathia before he was stabbed?

5. What characteristic does David attribute to Chang?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why do Buck and Albie tell Ming Toy that they needed her for the flight back to Chicago?

2. Why are Buck and Albie planning to go to Greece? What might be accomplished there?

3. What new turn of events does Hannah discover at the morgue? What makes the Tribulation Force suspicious about the news?

4. What is Tsion's explanation of the differences in the religious texts?

5. Hickman makes a mistake when talking to Carpathia that might get him into trouble. What is the mistake?

6. Why is Chaim pacing and brooding at the safe house?

7. Why does Ming Toy go to David for help?

8. Why are the members of the Tribulation Force suffering from cabin fever? What is cabin fever?

9. Buck and Albie get to the prison in Greece and manage to rescue one of the prisoners bearing the Mark of Christ. How is the young man rescued? What plan is carried out by Buck and Albie?

10. What does Carpathia expect to see when he arrives in Israel? Who is responsible for making it happen?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Tsion claims that he has always known that nearly 30 percent of the Bible is pure prophecy and that he does not understand why God would include such things in the book if no one was able to understand the meaning of the passages. What is Tsion's solution to this problem? Do you think that Tsion is correct in separating Prophecy from truth and parables? How does Tsion's belief system affect his interactions with others in the group?

Essay Topic 2

Hattie becomes a valuable member of the Tribulation Force through her medical knowledge as well as her new conversion. Explain why Hattie's medical training will be important in working with the Force. How might the training put Hattie in danger? Will Hattie's new found faith help or hinder her actions? How will Hattie's relationships with the members of the TF change?

Essay Topic 3

There are many discussions in which Carpathia is referred to as the Antichrist. Many of the characters reference religious texts to prove the point. Explain how the members of the Tribulation Force and others can be sure that Carpathia is Satan incarnate. Is the belief in the prophecy realistic or foolish? What might happen if the characters are wrong?

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