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Short Answer Questions

1. What characteristic does David attribute to Chang?

2. Where is Miklos' wife?

3. Who claims that Chaim will be sent away?

4. What item scared Chang?

5. Where will the sacrifice take place?

Short Essay Questions

1. What information does Hickman have that will benefit Carpathia in carrying out his plan?

2. Why do Buck and Albie tell Ming Toy that they needed her for the flight back to Chicago?

3. What might happen in Israel that would cause Chaim to be sent there?

4. Buck and Albie get to the prison in Greece and manage to rescue one of the prisoners bearing the Mark of Christ. How is the young man rescued? What plan is carried out by Buck and Albie?

5. Chaim and Rayford discuss Carpathia's death. How did Carpathia die? Who was responsible?

6. Why is Chaim pacing and brooding at the safe house?

7. Why is Ming so anxious for Chang to get a job in David's department?

8. David attends a meeting of the directors under Carpathia. David is concerned about one particular topic. What is it and why is it important?

9. How does David react when he learns that Chang has received the Mark of the Beast?

10. Why are the members of the Tribulation Force suffering from cabin fever? What is cabin fever?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

David Hassid learns that Annie has been killed and now lies in the morgue. Examine David and Annie's relationship. Why was it kept secret? Why does David have to hide his emotions and not mourn openly for Annie? How might things have been different if Annie had lived?

Essay Topic 2

Hattie listens to Albie and others witness to her although she is a non-believer. Hattie's near death experience and exposure to Christ changes her. Explore Hattie's startling transformation. Does Hattie attempt to convert others? How does the conversion affect Hattie's relationship with the Tribulation Force?

Essay Topic 3

Carpathia is only one of many zealots that have tried to convert Christians and non-believers. The actions taken by Carpathia are similar to that of Hitler, among others. Compare and contrast Carpathia's actions against those taken by Hitler. Who do you think was more dangerous? Who had the better chance of being successful? Explain.

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