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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What will prove Carpathia's resurrection was real?
(a) Eye witness accounts
(b) Someone caught it on video
(c) No one will challenge Carpathia's word
(d) Autopsy report

2. What is so amazing about Carpathia?
(a) He was resurrected
(b) He is very wealthy
(c) He can perform miracles
(d) He is an eloquent speaker

3. What might help people decide against taking the mark?
(a) Condemnation
(b) Persecution
(c) Loyalty
(d) Fear

4. What is Hattie's news?
(a) She has received the mark
(b) She has taken an overdose of sleeping pills
(c) She refuses to return with Rayford
(d) She is in love with Albie

5. Albie threatens to do what to Hattie?
(a) Return her to the bunker
(b) Report her to Carpathia
(c) Eject her from the helicopter
(d) Chase her around the lake

Short Answer Questions

1. Zeke does not want to be linked with _____________________.

2. Which does not describe Hattie the morning after the rescue?

3. Fortunato is given what new position?

4. Albie shares what on the ride to the hotel?

5. How does Buck refer to Hattie?

Short Essay Questions

1. What has David upset when he realizes that the hour has grown late?

2. Why does Tsion believe that Zeke and Hattie may be considered to be "lost causes?"

3. Hannah Palemoon tries to comfort David by saying that Annie felt no pain when she was killed. How can Hannah be sure?

4. The members of the Tribulation Force are able to move around freely to do their work. How is that possible given the orders from Carpathia?

5. How does David deal with Annie's death?

6. David has certain duties that must be attended to even though he is devastated over Annie's death. What are the duties and why are they so important?

7. In regards to Carpathia, what concerns David at the end of the director's meeting?

8. Why is David concerned about the missing cell phone?

9. What assistance might Hannah be able to offer in regard to the implants planned by the GC?

10. What does Carpathia mean by the joke wherein he states that he "has a new lease on life?"

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