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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Zeke supplies what item for Buck and Albie?
(a) Sewing needles
(b) Religious icons
(c) Foreign currency
(d) Uniforms

2. Who assumes Fortunato's old job?
(a) Miklos
(b) Plank
(c) Hickman
(d) Hassid

3. What is the general attitude of the group toward Zeke?
(a) Reverent
(b) Surprised
(c) Angry
(d) Sympathetic

4. What is Kenny's nickname for Tsion?
(a) Sinsin
(b) Unca Zone
(c) Tyson
(d) Papa T

5. What is Carpathia's first name?
(a) Lukas
(b) Maximillian
(c) Nicholae
(d) Alexander

6. Who points out the difference between the two religious texts?
(a) Tsion
(b) Hassid
(c) Chaim
(d) Hattie

7. The young man in prison is accused of what action?
(a) Fighting
(b) Mocking the peacekeepers
(c) Stealing
(d) Disorderly conduct

8. Who is Walter Moon?
(a) Lieutenant Colonel
(b) David's biological father
(c) Security expert
(d) Carpathia's half brother

9. What is Buck's reason for being at the prison?
(a) To receive the Mark
(b) To pray for the dying
(c) To write an article
(d) To visit his brother

10. Where will the sacrifice take place?
(a) River Jordan
(b) Carpathia
(c) Altar
(d) Mountain top

11. The group is beginning to experience what?
(a) A change of heart
(b) Hysteria
(c) Cabin fever
(d) Debauchery

12. For what does Chaim need forgiveness?
(a) Stealing
(b) His past
(c) Murder
(d) Lying

13. What is the name of the group of guards?
(a) CG
(b) GC
(c) TF
(d) MP

14. What is David asked to locate?
(a) The Holy Grail
(b) A pig
(c) A research scientist
(d) A guillotine

15. In what event will Chaim participate?
(a) Judgment Day
(b) Reversal of Fortune
(c) Rapture
(d) Great Tribulation

Short Answer Questions

1. Tsion worries that the people may lack ___________.

2. Who does Kenny Bruce think is his grandfather?

3. Zeke claims that his father could have had more _________________.

4. Who has no reason to be afraid?

5. What unusual activity is performed by the men in the prison barracks?

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