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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters Five and Six.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Fortunato is given what new position?
(a) Archbishop of Jerusalem
(b) Cardinal of Carpathia
(c) Right Reverend Regent
(d) Most High Reverend Father

2. How can Rayford trust Stephens/Plank?
(a) Stephens/Rayford had good credentials
(b) Stephens/Plank bears the mark of Christ
(c) Albie told Rayford it was okay to trst him
(d) The men exchanged solemn vows

3. Why does Rayford have trouble contacting David?
(a) David's cell phone is turned off
(b) Rayford lost his cell phone
(c) David is unconscious
(d) There is no service in the bunker

4. What is Chaim's title?
(a) Reverend
(b) Master
(c) Father
(d) Doctor

5. Where is the prisoner being held before being sent back to the rehab center?
(a) Death Valley
(b) St. Louis
(c) Colorado Springs
(d) Miami

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Buck want to use to rescue the prisoner's son?

2. What is the name of Buck's son?

3. On what have believers become dependent?

4. Why is the city safe for the members of Rayford's group?

5. When will the new rules take effect?

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