The Mark: The Beast Rules the World Multiple Choice Test Questions

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Chapters One and Two

1. Who wants to rule the planet?
(a) Rayford Steele
(b) David Hassid
(c) Nicholae Carpathia
(d) Tim LaHaye

2. Who are the potential ruler's combatants?
(a) Villagers
(b) Christians
(c) Philistines
(d) Carpathians

3. Who is in the audience at the first speech?
(a) Rayford Steele
(b) Nicholae Carpathia
(c) David Hassid
(d) Tim LaHaye

4. Where is the speech being held?
(a) Jerusalem
(b) Babylon
(c) Carpathia
(d) Tel Aviv

5. Who recognizes the difference in the behavior of the speaker?
(a) Mary
(b) Peter
(c) David
(d) Rayford

6. How did Carpathia die?
(a) He was stabbed
(b) He died from the plague
(c) He was crucified
(d) He was shot

7. What is so amazing about Carpathia?
(a) He is very wealthy
(b) He can perform miracles
(c) He is an eloquent speaker
(d) He was resurrected

8. Where does David go to find Annie?
(a) Area 51
(b) Sector 53
(c) Tel Aviv
(d) Babylon

9. Who has a statue in the courtyard?
(a) Carpathia
(b) Allah
(c) Ayatollah
(d) Jesus

10. Where is Rayford waiting in Chicago?
(a) Sears Tower
(b) Local pub
(c) Strong Building
(d) Flat Iron Building

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