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Lesson 1 (from Chapters One and Two)


Rayford is in charge of preparing false documents and travel arrangements for the members of the Tribulation Force and other special cases. The first person helped by Rayford in this chapter is Albie. Discuss Rayford's job as the one that provides alternate identities.


1. Class discussion: Rayford had a great responsibility in preparing documents for members of his team as well as related persons. Talk about why it was necessary for Rayford to create these false identities. Why did Rayford choose that particular identity for Albie? What might have happened to Albie if Rayford had not provided the identification? Who else might require Rayford's services?

2. Using the computer lab or classroom art supplies, create your own fake identification documents. Make the items as real as possible. What documents might you need?

3. Homework: In addition to providing false documents, Rayford was often called upon to create or...

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