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Essay Topic 1

In the beginning of the story, Hassid goes to watch Carpathia give a speech. What is the topic and how does it relate to Carpathia's master plan? What about Carpathia makes his speeches and presence so charismatic? How does the speech affect Hassid and his perception of Carpathia? What is Hassid's opinion of Carpathia?

Essay Topic 2

Hattie is a non-believer that is sent to BUFFER, a rehabilitation center for women. Hattie is scheduled to receive the Mark of the Beast. Explain Hattie's reaction to the confinement at BUFFER. How will BUFFER affect Hattie's beliefs? What will happen while Hattie is at the rehab center? What actions might Hattie take?

Essay Topic 3

Big Zeke is arrested and knows that Carpathia's people will try to make him receive the Mark. Examine Zeke's faith and how you think the believer would initially react to the arrest. What might have...

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