The Mark: The Beast Rules the World Character Descriptions

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David Hassid

A Christian member of the high-ranking officials of Nicolae Carpathia's kingdom.

Hannah Palemoon

The nurse who sews up the wound on David's head after he passes out.

Hattie Durham

A non-believer despite attempts by the members of the Tribulation Force.

Rayford Steele

Leader of the Tribulation Force.


Former reporter for the Global Weekly.

Zeke Zuckermandel

Expert at disguises.

Gustov Zuckermandel

Character who was taken prisoner for selling gas illegally.

Jim Hickman

Incompetent high-ranking member of the Carpathian regimen.

Ramon Santiago

Character who informed Mr. Hickman that Carpathia was going to want a pig for sacrifice on the altar.

Nicolae Carpathia

Former president of Romania.

Leon Fortunato

The Antichrist's false prophet and right-hand man.


Character with questionable loyalty.

Tsion Ben-Judah

Scholar who posts to the web daily articles to help new Christians find their way.

Chaim Rosenzweig

Tsion's former teacher.

Chang Wong

A prodigy being...

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