The Mark: The Beast Rules the World Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

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Chapters One and Two

• Nicholae Carpathia wants to take over the world.

• David Hassid attends a speech given by Carpathia.

• Hassid notices significant changes in Carpathia since he was resurrected.

• Hassid sees Satan in Carpathia.
• Hassid tries to find Annie, his secret fiancée.

• Rayford Steele, a member of Tribulation Force, goes to pick up a friend.
• Steele has missed several calls from Hattie, a non-believer.

• Hattie has been taken to BUFFER, a rehab facility.

• Sttele worries about Hattie's well being.

Chapters Three and Four

• Buck prepares to leave.

• Big Zeke is arrested.

• Rayford cannot reach David who is still unconscious.
• Albie and Rayford may have to make alternate plans to rescue Hattie.

• David comes through; Albie and Rayford enter BUFFER.

• Rayford suspects there is a trap.
• David wakes in the hospital and realizes that his phone is missing.

• David meets Hannah Palemoon, a fellow believer.

• David plans...

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