Objects & Places from The Mark of the Assassin

Daniel Silva (novelist)
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Sword of Gaza

This is a small radical Islamic organization blamed for a stinger attack on an airline.


This is a ground-to-air missile used to bring down a passenger jet in New York Harbor.


This is an upscale neighborhood in the Washington D.C. area.


This is a former Soviet Union intelligence organization.

Shelter Island

This small island is the home of former Senator Douglas Cannon.

The Society

This is a secret international organization focused on maintaining tension and conflict in the world.


This English town is the site of a large ferry service.


This is the Egyptian security service.

Langley, Virginia

This is the headquarters of the CIA.


This is an inflatable figure which can be placed in a window or car.

Mykonus, Greece

This is a small village where the assassin October retires.

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