The Mark of the Assassin Character Descriptions

Daniel Silva (novelist)
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Michael Osbourne

This character attended Dartmouth and became part of the CIA.

Nicolai Mikhailovich

This character is part of the Soviet Union KGB and is sent into the West to perform assassinations.

Mitchell Elliott

This character is a corporate CEO who has managed to amass a fortune through government defense contracts.

Sam Braxton

This character is a managing partner of a prestigious Washington D.C. law firm.

Paul Vandenberg

This character is an opportunist who uses political acumen to control the White House.

Astrid Vogel

This character grows up in Switzerland, the child of a former Nazi official, and becomes an assassin.

Elizabeth Osbourne

This character is the offspring of a liberal U.S. Senator, is married, and kills a Swiss assassin.

Susanna Dayton

This character is an investigative reporter for the Washington Post and is murdered.

James Beckwith

This character is the President.

Anne Beckwith

This character...

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