The Mark of the Assassin Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Daniel Silva (novelist)
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• In 1968, 3 Soviet agents cross the border into Austria.

• They act as spies once they cross over.

• The teenager is a trained assassin and kills the man and woman in a rural area, leaving behind a trademark hit of three bullets in the faces of his victims.

Part 1: October: Chapters 1-4

• Two men on a yacht try to shoot down a passenger jet off the coast of Long Island, New York, despite bad weather.

• They use the cover of moving the boat from the Caribbean to Nova Scotia for a wealthy Frenchman.

• Mahmoud takes a whaler tied to the yacht but when he comes back, he is shot three times in the face by a stranger who lets the yacht drift away and is picked up by a helicopter.

• When President James Beckwith is notified of the strike his home in San Francisco, he realizes he can use...

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