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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Between whom of the following was there a rift in Chapter 66?
(a) Diotima and Arnheim.
(b) Walter and Ulrich.
(c) Walter and Diotima.
(d) Arnheim and Ulrich.

2. Who played the piano in Chapter 38?
(a) Fischel and Leinsdorf.
(b) Ulrich and Maria.
(c) Bonadea and Walter.
(d) Clarisse and Walter.

3. Which of the following seemed different about the presentation of facts in Chapter 64?
(a) Poetic.
(b) Hodge podge.
(c) Matter of fact.
(d) Outlandish.

4. Which of the following did Musil cite as having been affected by bourgeois education in Chapter 46?
(a) Pure soul.
(b) Culture.
(c) Food.
(d) Architecture.

5. Who tried to attend to the teenager mentioned in Chapter 44?
(a) Rachel.
(b) Marcus.
(c) Ulrich.
(d) Diotoma.

6. In Chapter 65, who was back and delighted to put himself at Diotima's disposal rather immediately?
(a) Walter.
(b) Arnheim.
(c) Marcus.
(d) Leinsdorf.

7. Whom of the following did Ulrich visit in Chapter 35?
(a) Leo.
(b) Joy.
(c) Mark.
(d) Walter.

8. How did the little boy do in foster care with Arnheim in Chapter 55?
(a) Flourished.
(b) Shocked.
(c) Withered.
(d) Exploded.

9. In Chapter 51, which of the following frustrated the wife about her husband?
(a) Lies.
(b) Foibles.
(c) His balding head.
(d) His feet.

10. Who was also considered notorious and mentioned later in Chapter 48?
(a) The Crown Prince.
(b) Robert Musil.
(c) Ulrich.
(d) Herr Arnheim.

11. According to Musil, which of the following was in the feminine sphere?
(a) The arts.
(b) Music.
(c) Philosophy.
(d) Science.

12. Which of the following types of energy was considered to have contributed to Moosbrugger's negative attitude toward women in Chapter 60?
(a) Spiritual.
(b) Sexual.
(c) Intellectual.
(d) Emotional.

13. What particular characteristic(s) did the identity question relate to in Chapter 39?
(a) Shapes.
(b) Qualities.
(c) Size.
(d) Choice.

14. Which of the following did a journalist establish in Chapter 37?
(a) Piano Night.
(b) Caboodle.
(c) Bread and Puppet.
(d) The Austrian Year.

15. Who appeared to be more mature by Chapter 64?
(a) Musil.
(b) Ulrich.
(c) Clarisse.
(d) Walter.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which of the following was Moosbrugger on trial for in Chapter 53?

2. Who of the following was not included in the important political meetings in Chapter 56?

3. How did Ulrich react upon learning that he had been mentioned in the letter in Chapter 59?

4. Who of the following showed the received letter to Ulrich?

5. Who was the teenager mentioned in Chapter 44?

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