The Man Without Qualities Character Descriptions

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Ulrich - This is an important character who is one of the non-heroic protagonists, owns a fine house, gets involved in fights and extramarital affairs; and has a muddled view of sin.

Moosbrugger - This character is a murderer, the official villain of the novel, and a poor individual who is frustrated by an inability to have normal relationships with the opposite gender.

Walter - This character is married, plays the piano well, has an artistic bent, tries a number of jobs to boost his income, and shares a mutual friend with the spouse.

Diotima - This character is a national leader for the Collateral Campaign, is married, idealistic, occupies prominent social circles, and hosts a jubilee.

Permanent Secretary Tuzzi - This character is introduced in the Second Book, is married, shrewd, occupies a high political position in society, and is a loyal Austrian who distrusts...

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