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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why do Rachel and Soliman find it difficult to be together in Chapter 117?
(a) Their master and mistress, whether intentionally or not, keep interfering with their plans.
(b) There is no place for them to rendezvous without being caught.
(c) They are not allowed to leave their respective homes.
(d) They both have too much work to do, and can't find time to be alone.

2. How is the Collateral Campaign viewed as of Chapter 116?
(a) As having great political significance.
(b) As a diversion for Diotima.
(c) As a place to make business connections.
(d) As an aristocratic hobby.

3. What did Ulrich do to offend Arnheim in Chapter 112?
(a) Related his disgust with a political figure, whom Arnheim supported.
(b) Showed up late to one of his parties.
(c) Spoke too directly with him.
(d) Presumed to criticize Arnheim's sense of fashion.

4. What is Diotima's reaction when Ulrich discusses the relationship between herself and Arnheim in Chapter 101?
(a) She dismisses his concerns but appears somewhat uncomfortable.
(b) She laughs and asks who told him such a story.
(c) She admits that they have affection for one another and doesn't appear to see anything wrong with it.
(d) She blushes deeply and admits that love has grown between them.

5. What does Arnheim ask Diotima in Chapter 105?
(a) To marry him.
(b) To divorce her husband.
(c) To run away with him.
(d) To have an affair with him.

6. Which individual is not mentioned by Ulrich as one of his long-term friends in Chapter 103?
(a) Walter.
(b) Clarisse.
(c) Gerda.
(d) Diotima.

7. What do Ulrich and Arnheim talk about in Chapter 121?
(a) The Kakanians.
(b) Galician oil fields.
(c) Count Leinsdorf.
(d) Diotima.

8. Arnheim is revealed in Chapter 116 to be acting as what?
(a) A combat tactician.
(b) An informal spy.
(c) A reservist soldier.
(d) A representative for a much larger corporation.

9. Why doesn't Ulrich get to see Diotima when he goes to visit her in Chapter 121?
(a) She is visiting with someone else.
(b) She is not in.
(c) Her husband won't let her see anyone.
(d) She is ill.

10. What does Count Leinsdorf advise Diotima to study in Chapter 114?
(a) The Makart.
(b) The behavior of certain birds.
(c) The Bible.
(d) The writings of Karl Marx.

11. What point of view does the author use in Chapter 119 to relate the thoughts and feelings of Ulrich and Gerda?
(a) Second-person.
(b) Third-person omniscient.
(c) First-person omniscient.
(d) Third-person limited.

12. What is the concept of "diminished responsibility," as defined in Chapter 110?
(a) The fact that a criminal will often feel that his partner committed the majority of the crime, regardless of how large or small his role was.
(b) The way a criminal feels less remorse for his crimes the longer he remains in prison.
(c) The more witnesses there were to a crime, the less likely it is that any individual will come forward.
(d) The less control a person had over their actions when a crime was committed, the less sane they were, and the less severe their punishment will be.

13. During the protests in Chapter 120, Arnheim is viewed as a representative of what country?
(a) Germany.
(b) Prussia.
(c) Russia.
(d) Austria.

14. How does Ulrich respond during the demonstrations in Chapter 120?
(a) He watches from a distance.
(b) He tries to calm the crowd.
(c) He gets involved in the protest.
(d) He stands to defend the person they are protesting.

15. What idea does Ulrich have regarding life in Chapter 120?
(a) It is only possible to succeed in life if you maintain as much control over your life as possible.
(b) It is nearly impossible for a person to succeed in life because the odds are against them.
(c) Most people don't know how to succeed, which is why they fail.
(d) A person can do well in their life, but for that to happen they must give up a degree of control.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Bonadea's husband's rank in the military?

2. According to the author in Chapter 112, at what point does a great man cease to be great?

3. What concept does Arnheim ponder in Chapter 106?

4. How does Ulrich view Arnheim, according to the information presented in Chapter 112?

5. What phrase is used to describe the Kakanians in Chapter 108?

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