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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. According to the author in Chapter 112, at what point does a great man cease to be great?
(a) When he does something to forever tarnish his reputation.
(b) When he loses all of his money.
(c) When he is publicly criticized.
(d) When no one takes any notice of him.

2. Who is the gathered crowd protesting in Chapter 120?
(a) Diotima.
(b) Arnheim.
(c) The General.
(d) Count Leinsdorf.

3. From what ailment is Bonadea suffering in Chapter 115?
(a) Stomach aches.
(b) Headaches.
(c) Dizzy spells.
(d) Nausea and vomiting.

4. What societal problem is present in the novel for the first time in Chapter 120?
(a) War.
(b) Famine.
(c) Plague.
(d) Political unrest.

5. To whom does Gerda go with her knowledge of Arnheim's motives in Chapter 119?
(a) Hans.
(b) Arnheim.
(c) Ulrich.
(d) Diotima.

6. According to the author in Chapter 116, what is the main thing that is holding Ulrich back?
(a) He is not as intelligent as he tries to make people believe he is.
(b) He suppresses parts of his personality.
(c) His social status.
(d) His wife.

7. When Moosbrugger's trial reached the courts, what type of issue did it become?
(a) Spiritual.
(b) Ethical.
(c) Moral.
(d) Intellectual.

8. What role, formerly belonging to Arnheim, is usurped by Hans Sepp in Chapter 113?
(a) The role of helping the less fortunate to educate themselves.
(b) The role of acting as a go-between for the middle and upper classes.
(c) The role of showering attention on Diotima and causing her to become infatuated with him.
(d) The role of representing the Germans at Diotima's salons.

9. For whom does Soliman work?
(a) The Tuzzis.
(b) Arnheim.
(c) General Stumm.
(d) Ulrich.

10. What is the ultimate result of Ulrich and Gerda's interactions in Chapter 119?
(a) Both are satisfied and glad they did it.
(b) Ulrich is satisfied, but Gerda is disappointed.
(c) Ulrich comforts Gerda, and both are all right.
(d) Ulrich is disappointed, and Gerda is mortified.

11. How does Diotima's husband feel about the revelations regarding Arnheim in Chapter 116?
(a) He is shocked and appalled that his wife was spending so much time with Arnheim.
(b) He already knew and is using the information to further his own agenda.
(c) He immediately tries to recruit Arnheim for his own personal uses.
(d) He tries to get Arnheim to introduce him to his important political connections.

12. Why isn't Ulrich surprised by the relationship that Arnheim and Diotima have?
(a) He never understood why her husband tolerated Arnheim's attentions toward her.
(b) Arnheim had all the same qualities that caused Diotima to fall in love with her husband.
(c) Diotima had a propensity for becoming infatuated with men she couldn't have.
(d) Arnheim had told Ulrich about his plan to woo Diotima.

13. Of what offense does Diotima accuse Ulrich in Chapter 101?
(a) Trying to undermine Arnheim.
(b) Trying to manipulate her.
(c) Trying to steal one of her best friends.
(d) Trying to pry into her personal affairs.

14. What is Bonadea's husband's rank in the military?
(a) Major.
(b) General.
(c) Lieutenant.
(d) Corporal.

15. What is Rachel's main concern at the end of Chapter 117?
(a) Soliman might be hurt.
(b) Her sister needs her help.
(c) She might get fired.
(d) She may be pregnant.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why do Rachel and Soliman find it difficult to be together in Chapter 117?

2. What does Bonadea do to maintain a semblance of decorum and discretion as described in Chapter 109?

3. What happens between Gerda and Ulrich in Chapter 119?

4. What is the concept of "diminished responsibility," as defined in Chapter 110?

5. What is said about Diotima in Chapter 108?

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