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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What type of person is Ulrich in terms of his relationships?
(a) A polygamist.
(b) A serial monogamist.
(c) An adulterer.
(d) A bigamist.

2. During the protests in Chapter 120, Arnheim is viewed as a representative of what country?
(a) Prussia.
(b) Germany.
(c) Austria.
(d) Russia.

3. Why do Rachel and Soliman find it difficult to be together in Chapter 117?
(a) They are not allowed to leave their respective homes.
(b) Their master and mistress, whether intentionally or not, keep interfering with their plans.
(c) There is no place for them to rendezvous without being caught.
(d) They both have too much work to do, and can't find time to be alone.

4. Where does General Stumm take Ulrich, in Chapter 100?
(a) To a banquet held in the General's honor.
(b) To his family home.
(c) To his uncle's grave.
(d) To the State Library.

5. Why does Gerda decide to tell the person she tells in Chapter 119?
(a) She wanted to blackmail the person with her knowledge.
(b) She wanted a reason to talk to someone above her social standing.
(c) She wanted to befriend that person.
(d) She wanted an excuse to communicate with the person.

6. What does Bonadea do to maintain a semblance of decorum and discretion as described in Chapter 109?
(a) Cleverly and desperately hides the fact that she is living well beyond her means.
(b) Deceives people about the true nature of her married life and her extramarital affairs.
(c) Attends functions with her husband, and plays the part of the dutiful wife, even though they can't stand one another.
(d) Attempts to hide her drinking habit, even from those who know her best.

7. What societal problem is present in the novel for the first time in Chapter 120?
(a) Plague.
(b) Famine.
(c) War.
(d) Political unrest.

8. From what ailment is Bonadea suffering in Chapter 115?
(a) Nausea and vomiting.
(b) Dizzy spells.
(c) Stomach aches.
(d) Headaches.

9. What is one of the main reasons Walter doesn't trust Ulrich?
(a) Ulrich once stole Walter's girlfriend.
(b) Ulrich has had affairs with married women.
(c) Ulrich stole money from Walter.
(d) Ulrich has expressed an attraction toward Clarisse.

10. To whom does Gerda go with her knowledge of Arnheim's motives in Chapter 119?
(a) Diotima.
(b) Ulrich.
(c) Hans.
(d) Arnheim.

11. How does Ulrich feel about his relationship with Arnheim in Chapter 112?
(a) Ulrich feels that Arnheim is just using him.
(b) It is odd, at best.
(c) They are quite close, and trust one another.
(d) Arnheim wants to have a relationship with him, but he doesn't want one.

12. Arnheim is convinced in Chapter 112 that Ulrich is doing what?
(a) Trying to sabotage Arnheim's business ventures.
(b) Using Arnheim as a means to garner favor with Count Leinsdorf.
(c) Trying to push Arnheim away from Diotima, so that he can be with her.
(d) Speaking poorly of Arnheim to others, including Diotima.

13. What idea does Ulrich have regarding life in Chapter 120?
(a) A person can do well in their life, but for that to happen they must give up a degree of control.
(b) Most people don't know how to succeed, which is why they fail.
(c) It is nearly impossible for a person to succeed in life because the odds are against them.
(d) It is only possible to succeed in life if you maintain as much control over your life as possible.

14. How does Bonadea feel about her husband?
(a) She used to love him, but doesn't anymore.
(b) She never loved him.
(c) Her feelings about him are never explicitly stated.
(d) She didn't love him when they got married but now feels affectionate toward him.

15. What concept does Arnheim ponder in Chapter 106?
(a) Redemption.
(b) Resolution.
(c) Reformation.
(d) Revelation.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Moosbrugger's trial reached the courts, what type of issue did it become?

2. How does General Stumm's relationship with Ulrich develop?

3. How does Ulrich view Arnheim, according to the information presented in Chapter 112?

4. What role, formerly belonging to Arnheim, is usurped by Hans Sepp in Chapter 113?

5. Who ended Ulrich and Bonadea's affair?

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