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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What role, formerly belonging to Arnheim, is usurped by Hans Sepp in Chapter 113?
(a) The role of representing the Germans at Diotima's salons.
(b) The role of helping the less fortunate to educate themselves.
(c) The role of showering attention on Diotima and causing her to become infatuated with him.
(d) The role of acting as a go-between for the middle and upper classes.

2. How does Bonadea feel about her husband?
(a) She didn't love him when they got married but now feels affectionate toward him.
(b) Her feelings about him are never explicitly stated.
(c) She used to love him, but doesn't anymore.
(d) She never loved him.

3. The people wish that there were a living generation to experience what, according to Chapter 108?
(a) A classless society.
(b) A society where there was no one extremely poor or extremely rich.
(c) A world without war.
(d) The presence of the Messiah.

4. What does Racheal realize in Chapter 104?
(a) How much better her life could be if she purchased her freedom.
(b) How much Soliman cares for her.
(c) How unimportant her well-being is, to her mistress.
(d) How rich Arnheim really is.

5. What societal problem is present in the novel for the first time in Chapter 120?
(a) Famine.
(b) War.
(c) Plague.
(d) Political unrest.

6. What does Arnheim believe about moral and material wealth?
(a) They are one and the same.
(b) They sometimes coexist.
(c) They are mutually exclusive.
(d) They go together.

7. What happens between Gerda and Ulrich in Chapter 119?
(a) They have an argument.
(b) They kiss.
(c) They stop seeing one another.
(d) They plan a secret rendezvous.

8. How does Ulrich respond to Arnheim's offer in Chapter 121?
(a) He accepts and is excited and grateful to Arnheim.
(b) He declines because it is not really in his best interests.
(c) He accepts, but only because he feels obligated to.
(d) He declines because he is suspicious of Arnheim's motives.

9. Where are Rachel and Soliman in Chapter 104?
(a) At a hotel.
(b) At Rache's house.
(c) At a party which their employers have attended.
(d) At Soliman's house.

10. What country is mentioned with regard to the challenge of keeping diverse forces united in Chapter 116?
(a) America.
(b) Germany.
(c) Prussia.
(d) Austria.

11. What changes about Rachel as a result of her relationship with Soliman in Chapter 104?
(a) She becomes sneaky and snoopish.
(b) She starts saving money to run away.
(c) She begins to be insubordinate and talks back to her master.
(d) She is no longer happy living the life of a slave.

12. What does Bonadea do to maintain a semblance of decorum and discretion as described in Chapter 109?
(a) Deceives people about the true nature of her married life and her extramarital affairs.
(b) Attempts to hide her drinking habit, even from those who know her best.
(c) Attends functions with her husband, and plays the part of the dutiful wife, even though they can't stand one another.
(d) Cleverly and desperately hides the fact that she is living well beyond her means.

13. What concept does Arnheim ponder in Chapter 106?
(a) Reformation.
(b) Revelation.
(c) Redemption.
(d) Resolution.

14. What surfaces during a heated argument between Walter and Clarisse in Chapter 118?
(a) Walter's jealousy over Ulrich's relationship with his wife.
(b) Walter's lack of romantic feelings toward his wife.
(c) Clarisse's love for Ulrich.
(d) Clarisse's resentment at Walter's inability to provide for her in the manner to which she is accustomed.

15. What is Diotima's reaction when Ulrich discusses the relationship between herself and Arnheim in Chapter 101?
(a) She blushes deeply and admits that love has grown between them.
(b) She admits that they have affection for one another and doesn't appear to see anything wrong with it.
(c) She dismisses his concerns but appears somewhat uncomfortable.
(d) She laughs and asks who told him such a story.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is the gathered crowd protesting in Chapter 120?

2. What is General Stumm's reason for recommending a certain author to Ulrich in Chapter 100?

3. What is Gerda's reaction when Ulrich tries to take her to bed in Chapter 119?

4. Why does Arnheim make some irrational presumptions about wealth, according to the author in Chapter 106?

5. Arnheim is revealed in Chapter 116 to be acting as what?

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