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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Ulrich feel about his relationship with Arnheim in Chapter 112?
(a) Arnheim wants to have a relationship with him, but he doesn't want one.
(b) Ulrich feels that Arnheim is just using him.
(c) They are quite close, and trust one another.
(d) It is odd, at best.

2. Who is giving a speech in Chapter 116?
(a) Hans Sepp.
(b) Ulrich.
(c) General Stumm.
(d) Arnheim.

3. What point of view does the author use in Chapter 119 to relate the thoughts and feelings of Ulrich and Gerda?
(a) Third-person limited.
(b) Third-person omniscient.
(c) Second-person.
(d) First-person omniscient.

4. Of what offense does Diotima accuse Ulrich in Chapter 101?
(a) Trying to undermine Arnheim.
(b) Trying to pry into her personal affairs.
(c) Trying to manipulate her.
(d) Trying to steal one of her best friends.

5. According to the author in Chapter 116, there is sometimes a relationship between what two concepts?
(a) Anger and peace.
(b) Love and anger.
(c) Violence and deceit.
(d) Deceit and love.

6. What is the result of the position of the child and servant, according to the author in Chapter 113?
(a) They are prone to abuse.
(b) They are treated in a similar fashion.
(c) They are usually the loser in court cases.
(d) Both are able to better their positions, but only with difficulty.

7. Why does Ulrich decide not to write a book in Chapter 103?
(a) A woman gave birth to him, not an ink well.
(b) He doesn't think he is intelligent enough to do it.
(c) He doesn't know how to get it published.
(d) No one seems interested in his ideas.

8. What two things does the General compare when talking to Ulrich in Chapter 100?
(a) Warfare and politics.
(b) Politics and school.
(c) Schools and libraries.
(d) Warfare and libraries.

9. How does General Stumm's relationship with Ulrich develop?
(a) Ulrich doesn't really want the General to confide in him, but he does it anyway.
(b) The General feels that he can tell Ulrich anything and can trust Ulrich not to betray him.
(c) The General doesn't understand why he has begun feeling as though he can confide in Ulrich.
(d) The General feels that he should be careful what he tells Ulrich because he doesn't trust him completely.

10. What author does General Stumm recommend to Ulrich in Chapter 100?
(a) Nietzsche.
(b) Schopenhauer.
(c) Machiavelli.
(d) Kant.

11. What country is mentioned with regard to the challenge of keeping diverse forces united in Chapter 116?
(a) Austria.
(b) Prussia.
(c) Germany.
(d) America.

12. What do Ulrich and Arnheim decide regarding Moosbrugger in Chapter 121?
(a) That they should raise money for him to appeal his sentencing.
(b) Protecting the community from him is more important than his welfare.
(c) That if he were executed, it would save the community a great deal of money.
(d) That it is a shame that he was imprisoned, but there isn't anything they can do about it.

13. Why does Soliman have extra money in Chapter 104?
(a) He has been saving up.
(b) He got a raise.
(c) He sold a personal possession.
(d) He is stealing from his employer.

14. What concept is being showcased in Chapter 119?
(a) Violence in the media.
(b) Consequences of adultery.
(c) Serial monogamy.
(d) Social pressure.

15. What did Ulrich do to offend Arnheim in Chapter 112?
(a) Showed up late to one of his parties.
(b) Presumed to criticize Arnheim's sense of fashion.
(c) Related his disgust with a political figure, whom Arnheim supported.
(d) Spoke too directly with him.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Bonadea take an interest in Moosbrugger's welfare in Chapter 115?

2. What societal problem is present in the novel for the first time in Chapter 120?

3. What type of person is Ulrich in terms of his relationships?

4. Why does Arnheim make some irrational presumptions about wealth, according to the author in Chapter 106?

5. What does Arnheim ask Diotima in Chapter 105?

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