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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Aboard the train, who is responsible for killing Gengerella?
(a) Scaramanga.
(b) Nicholson.
(c) Leiter.
(d) Bond.

2. According to the afternoon plans originally laid out, what are the meeting attendees supposed to be doing after the train ride?
(a) Flying back to Kingston.
(b) Golfing.
(c) Deep sea fishing.
(d) Theatre-going.

3. After hearing the bribe Bond was offered on the train, how much money does Scaramanga raise his bribe offering to?
(a) $6 million.
(b) $3 million.
(c) $12 million.
(d) $9 million.

4. Who is the first meeting attendee to object to the amount of money Scaramanga is asking for?
(a) Binion.
(b) Gengerella.
(c) Rotkopf.
(d) Hendriks.

5. How far from the Thunderbird Hotel is the train station?
(a) One mile.
(b) Eight miles.
(c) Five miles.
(d) Three miles.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where is the secret door that Scaramanga uses to enter Bond's hotel room?

2. According to the stowaway that Bond goes over to after jumping from the train, who put the object on the train tracks?

3. When Bond escapes from Scaramanga's dinner party and returns to his room, what time is it?

4. When Bond watches the stowaway jump from the train, how does Bond characterize the stowaway's landing?

5. According to what Bond's visitor tells him, who is Bond warned to keep away from?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the meeting taking place in Bond's hospital room for?

2. When Scaramanga and the person he was meeting with leave the conference room, what do their expressions make Bond feel like?

3. Why does the poison that Scaramanga tipped his bullets with not kill Bond?

4. According to the "Gleaner", who was killed when the bridge near Green Island Harbour "collapsed"?

5. Why is Bond slightly nervous just before the "official" meeting gets underway in his hospital room?

6. When Scaramanga begins his morning meeting, what is the first thing he learns from the other man at the meeting?

7. What is the award conferred upon James Bond in his hospital room as he is recovering from his wounds?

8. While Bond is meeting with Nicholson and Leiter in the back office, what do the three men decide to do while the body of Rotkopf is being disposed of?

9. How does Bond characterize the evening ahead of him after dinner is served before Scaramanga tells Bond to make the evening go better?

10. According to Scaramanga, why is having the ships anchored outside the U.S. harbors a risky business?

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