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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Aboard the train, who offers Bond a million dollars if only Bond will get the remaining mobsters out of the mess they find themselves in?
(a) Garfinkel.
(b) Paradise.
(c) Binion.
(d) Rotkopf.

2. How much time passes between when Bond shoots Scaramanga in the Morass and when Bond regains consciousness in the hospital?
(a) One week.
(b) Two days.
(c) Five days.
(d) Three days.

3. What does the colloquialism "buckra" mean?
(a) White man.
(b) Shut up.
(c) Shove it.
(d) Go away.

4. According to the person who remains behind in Bond's hospital room, what line of work is Bond in?
(a) Problem control.
(b) Pest control.
(c) Damage control.
(d) Security control.

5. When Bond begins listening at the door to the meeting in the conference room, who is speaking?
(a) Binion.
(b) Gengerella.
(c) Scaramanga.
(d) Hendriks.

Short Answer Questions

1. As Bond snaps his mind back into focus while hunting for Scaramanga in the Morass, about how far from the bridge is Bond?

2. How much money does Scaramanga initially offer as a bribe to Bond, if Bond will let Scaramanga go?

3. How long does Bond wait after hearing the cough before proceeding forward?

4. According to Scaramanga, how many days earlier did Scaramanga kill a British agent sent to eliminate him?

5. As Bond dictates his return message to M, how much longer will it be before Bond returns to London?

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