Objects & Places from The Man with the Golden Gun

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The British Ministry of Defense

This is the organization the protagonist works for.

Scaramanga's Gun

This is a symbol of ruthlessness and authority.

Bond's Guns

These are symbols of moral authority and experience.

M's Shield

This saves the life of the protagonist's boss.


This is the setting for much of the story.

Bond's Horoscope

This alerts the protagonist to a chance to seize a golden opportunity.

3 ½ Love Lane

This is where the protagonist and antagonist first meet.

The Thunderbird Hotel

This unfinished building is a front for the antagonist.

Scaramanga's Train

This is where the final shootout takes place.

The Morass

This is a swamp of mangrove trees, rushes, and sludge.

The Stabbed Snake

This is killed and eaten by the antagonist.

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