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Lesson 1 (from Chapters 1 and 2)


The beginning of "The Man with the Golden Gun" introduces James Bond, a.k.a. Agent 007 of the British Secret Service, and the story's main character. Readers new to Fleming will be meeting James Bond for the first time. However, readers who are well-versed in Fleming's other novels already know who Bond is. By continuing this main character throughout a number of novels, the author is challenged both by not introducing the character completely to a new reader, but also by maintaining consistency with his other works. The object of this Lesson Plan is to examine the benefits and challenges involved in writing a story's continuation.


1. Small Group Discussion: Determine the pros and cons of writing a book that uses the same main character from story to story. What would be easier? What would be more challenging? Would it simply be easier for the author...

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