The Man with the Golden Gun Character Descriptions

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James Bond - This character is a quick-witted, clever spy.

Scaramanga - This character is a cold-hearted mercenary.

Mary Goodnight - This character is an administrative operative assigned to Jamaica.

Colonel Boris - This character is the Russian operative who was to brainwash the protagonist while in captivity.

Captain Walker, Major Townsend, the Chief of Staff - These are the characters who first see the protagonist when the protagonist is presumed to be dead.

M - This character is the protagonist's boss.

Miss Moneypenny - This character works as a secretary at the Ministry of Defense.

Russians and the KGB - These characters are the ones manipulating the espionage rings that the protagonist must deal with.

Tiffy - This character's birds are shot by the antagonist.

Mr. Hendriks - This KGB agent does not have a conscience.

Felix Leiter - This character is an American agent loyal...

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