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Chapters 1 and 2

• An operator at the Ministry of Defense receives a call from a man claiming to be James Bond.

• Captain Walker takes the call and, after confirming Bond's identity, instructs Bond to meet Major Townsend.

• Bond is actually acting on the orders of Colonel Boris - who was in charge of Bond's incarceration in Russia.

• After leaving his hotel, Bond travels to the Defense building to meet with Townsend.
• After the interview (which Bond passes based on information Colonel Boris provided to him), Townsend recommends that Bond be allowed to see M.

• Although M's Chief of Staff voices concerns, M decides to see Bond as soon as Bond arrives.

• Before the Chief of Staff leaves the office, he and M confirm that the device in the ceiling is properly functioning.

• When the Chief of Staff leaves M's office, he finds Bond in the outer office talking with...

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