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Colin Fletcher
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Short Answer Questions

1. What are some things Fletcher describes in "Part 2, The Dream?"

2. Whom does Fletcher describe at the beginning of "Chapter 3, Interlude?"

3. If he were to realize his dream, what would Fletcher accomplish?

4. Why did Fletcher stay at the Grand Canyon Village for a while just before beginning his trip?

5. Who drove Fletcher to the parking area at the edge of the Rim?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe the different ways Fletcher arranged to receive supplies during his journey.

2. In "Chapter 4, Challenge," Fletcher details several "stupidities" that caused delays in his trip toward Sinyala Canyon. Describe one of these "stupidities."

3. How does Fletcher say the new perspective and understanding he gained on his journey changed him in society?

4. Who drove Fletcher to the starting point of his trip into the Canyon? Where was he from and how did he interact with and help Fletcher at the beginning of his journey?

5. Name and describe another aspect of the Canyon other than its appearance that struck Fletcher.

6. Describe one aspect of the Havasupai Indians' current life that troubled or saddened Fletcher?

7. What were some changes Fletcher noticed soon after he left the platform over Hualpai Canyon?

8. What does Fletcher say was part of the problem with trying to convince engineers that the projects were a bad idea?

9. What were some intrusions on the interior of the Grand Canyon that man would make to accomplish the projects Fletcher discusses in the Epilogue?

10. What types of information can be obtained from the graph on the first page of "Part 3, The Journey?"

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

In a footnote, Fletcher briefly describes his life as a compulsive walker and gives a few details about another long journey he took in the past. In your own words, describe the lifestyle of a compulsive walker and give reasons why this lifestyle helped Fletcher have a successful journey through the Grand Canyon.

Essay Topic 2

Compare Fletcher's admiration and disapproval of William Wallace Bass.

Essay Topic 3

Choose two dangers Fletcher faces during his journey. Explain how he prepared for such dangers. Give details about the dangers and events if any where they could have changed the outcome of the journey. Conclude your essay with how Fletcher avoided the dangers and what would have happened if he had acted differently.

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