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Colin Fletcher
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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Fletcher say he knew as soon as he saw the Grand Canyon?

2. What is the current age estimate of the third layer of the Grand Canyon?

3. What kind of condition was Fletcher in at the beginning of his trip?

4. What river still runs at the bottom of the Grand Canyon?

5. How long did Dr. Harvey Butchart study the Grand Canyon?

Short Essay Questions

1. Several incidents surrounded the time Fletcher spent with David Powell in "Chapter 9, Man" Describe one of these incidents.

2. In "Chapter 2, The Dream," where did Fletcher decide to plant two caches of food supplies and why?

3. In "Chapter 10, Exit," what were three of the things, serious or not, Fletcher says he had gained from his journey?

4. How does Fletcher say the new perspective and understanding he gained on his journey changed him in society?

5. Briefly describe the events surrounding the first supply drop Fletcher describes in "Chapter 4, Challenge."

6. In "Chapter 4, Challenge," Fletcher details several "stupidities" that caused delays in his trip toward Sinyala Canyon. Describe one of these "stupidities."

7. At the very beginning of the Epilogue, what does Fletcher say might happen if man is not careful?

8. Near the end of "Chapter 9, Man," what physical challenge did Fletcher have to conquer to reach his last air-drop and his route out of the Canyon?

9. Explain what Fletcher states as the explanation for the formation of the Grand Canyon.

10. What are some ways Fletcher describes the Havasupai Indians in "Interlude?"

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Fletcher might have been impulsive in some ways, but he planned the necessary parts of his journey carefully. Give some examples of different ways he planned before his trip and describe how these preparations saved him from disaster during the journey.

Essay Topic 2

In a footnote, Fletcher briefly describes his life as a compulsive walker and gives a few details about another long journey he took in the past. In your own words, describe the lifestyle of a compulsive walker and give reasons why this lifestyle helped Fletcher have a successful journey through the Grand Canyon.

Essay Topic 3

Compare different aspects of Fletcher's personality. Include specific details from the book.

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