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Colin Fletcher
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. At the beginning of "Chapter 8, Life" what did Fletcher say he should have known "would drag me back into the present?"
(a) Phantom Ranch.
(b) The Great Unconformity.
(c) Seeing a little boy playing in the dirt.
(d) Becoming ill.

2. At the beginning of "Chapter 10, Exit," what does Fletcher say caught up with him while he was washing in the Nankoweap Creek?
(a) The world.
(b) Arthritis.
(c) A swarm of bees.
(d) A bear.

3. Why does Fletcher say William Wallace Bass opened a tourists' ranch?
(a) He failed to make enough money as a prospector and needed an income.
(b) He wanted to run the other ranch out of business.
(c) He won the property in a poker game and decided to turn it into a business.
(d) He had always wanted to own a tourist attraction.

4. How did Fletcher feel about leaving the Canyon in "Chapter 10 Exit?"
(a) He was disappointed that he could not stay another week.
(b) He was ready to be up and out.
(c) He was so sad, he cried.
(d) He wanted to stay and build a dude ranch.

5. While at Phantom Ranch, what did Fletcher miss and want back that earlier in his journey made him uncomfortable?
(a) Beef Jerky.
(b) His heavy backpack.
(c) Silence.
(d) His hiking boots.

Short Answer Questions

1. What was the first intrusion from the outside world that Fletcher outlines in "Chapter 10, Exit?"

2. In "Chapter 9, Man," Fletcher planned to spend several days with a friend researching the Canyon. Who was this friend?

3. What other changes was Fletcher concerned would occur if the Pacific Southwest Water Plan passed.

4. What does Fletcher mainly address in "Part 4, Epilogue?"

5. How did Fletcher feel about the meeting he attended in "Part 4, Epiogue?"

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