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Colin Fletcher
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What was the 3rd intrusion from the outside world that Fletcher describes in "Chapter 10, Exit?"
(a) A skywriter writing a marriage proposal in the sky.
(b) Jim Bailey landing a plane on an airstrip.
(c) A family putting in a boat at the shore of the Colorado River.
(d) A stone cairn containing a rusty can.

2. What effect did the intrusions have on Fletcher?
(a) They made him want to turn around and return to the interior of the Canyon.
(b) They made him miss his loved ones.
(c) He realized they had ruined his search for the gallery marked "Man."
(d) They made him angry at civilization.

3. What does Fletcher mainly address in "Part 4, Epilogue?"
(a) Fletcher's writings after his journey through the Grand Canyon.
(b) Environmental concerns for the Grand Canyon.
(c) Fletcher's day-to-day routines outside the Grand Canyon.
(d) The need for a progressive tourism industry in the Grand Canyon.

4. What types of activities did Fletcher describe in "Chapter 7, Rhythm?"
(a) Research activities such as charting, sampling and tagging.
(b) Survival techniques such as bear hunting, teepee building, and first aid.
(c) Indian activities such as carving arrowheads, making pottery, and sewing moccasins.
(d) Daily activities such as chores, fishing, and days of rest.

5. Who were Al and Elma Milotte?
(a) A famous Walt Disney nature photography team.
(b) Famous explorers.
(c) Jazz musicians.
(d) A famous Hollywood couple.

Short Answer Questions

1. How did Fletcher get along with his friend during their time studying the Grand Canyon?

2. What was the 2nd intrusion from the outside world that Fletcher describes in "Chapter 10, Exit?"

3. While at Phantom Ranch, what did Fletcher miss and want back that earlier in his journey made him uncomfortable?

4. How did Fletcher say the US Bureau of Reclamation was handling the tunnel plan?

5. What does Fletcher say his book could become if the Grand Canyon was not protected?

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