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Colin Fletcher
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. About what specific skill did Fletcher compliment William Wallace Bass?
(a) His prospecting skills.
(b) His congeniality.
(c) His ability to garden in the desert climate.
(d) His construction ability.

2. How did Fletcher feel about leaving the Canyon in "Chapter 10 Exit?"
(a) He was so sad, he cried.
(b) He wanted to stay and build a dude ranch.
(c) He was ready to be up and out..
(d) He was disappointed that he could not stay another week.

3. How did Fletcher feel about the Grand Canyon during his time at Phantom Ranch?
(a) He was tired of the Canyon and was ready for the journey to end.
(b) He sensed a barrier between himself and the Canyon even though he tried to enjoy the rocks and other things as he did during his journey.
(c) He was angry at the Canyon for costing him his health.
(d) He wanted to build a home in the Canyon.

4. How did Fletcher feel about the meeting he attended in "Part 4, Epiogue?"
(a) He was uplifted.
(b) He was excited.
(c) He was hopeful.
(d) He was horrified.

5. What other changes was Fletcher concerned would occur if the Pacific Southwest Water Plan passed?
(a) Fletcher's book wouldn't sell because no one would want to visit the Grand Canyon anymore.
(b) The tourist industry at the Grand Canyon would die, taking money with it.
(c) The Grand Canyon would be used as a landfill.
(d) Graffiti and pollution would spoil the surfaces of the cliff dwellings.

Short Answer Questions

1. While at Phantom Ranch, what did Fletcher miss and want back that earlier in his journey made him uncomfortable?

2. At the beginning of "Chapter 8, Life" what did Fletcher say he should have known "would drag me back into the present?"

3. What part of the Grand Canyon does Fletcher describe as "a large gap in time between two layers of rocks?"

4. Why did Fletcher sound strange when he spoke to Jim Bailey in "Chapter 6, Rock?"

5. In "Chapter 7, Rhythm," how does Fletcher describe the change in how he connected to the Canyon?

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