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Colin Fletcher
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What information was not sought by Fletcher before beginning his trip?
(a) Information about the possibility of attacks by wild boar.
(b) Information about trails.
(c) Information about the existence of water sources.
(d) Information about weather.

2. Whom does Fletcher describe at the beginning of "Chapter 3, Interlude?"
(a) The tourists.
(b) The park rangers.
(c) The Havasupai Indians.
(d) His family.

3. What does Fletcher say was a sacrilege when it interrupted the silence of the Grand Canyon?
(a) The honk of a horn.
(b) The screech of an owl.
(c) The squawk of a blue jay.
(d) The bray of a donkey.

4. What advice did Lorenzo Sinyala offer to Fletcher?
(a) Sound advice about walking long distances.
(b) Sound advice about escaping a bear attack.
(c) Sound advice about marriage.
(d) Sound advice regarding the downward trail and the Supai village.

5. What river still runs at the bottom of the Grand Canyon?
(a) The Gila River.
(b) The Mississippi River.
(c) The Colorado River.
(d) The Rio Grande.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where did Fletcher arrive in "Chapter 4, Challenge" that was such a relief to him?

2. Whom does Fletcher credit with giving him the most knowledge of the Grand Canyon?

3. How long after he saw the Grand Canyon for the first time did Fletcher begin his trip?

4. Who drove Fletcher to the parking area at the edge of the Rim?

5. What type of graphic is found at the beginning of "Part 3, The Journey?"

Short Essay Questions

1. What town did Fletcher say he wanted to drive through on his way home from his journey through the Grand Canyon and why?

2. What decision did Fletcher make in regard to obtaining information about the Canyon before his trip and why did he make this decision?

3. Describe the meeting between Fletcher and Jim Bailey (the pilot who air-dropped Fletcher's supplies) at the end of "Chapter 5, Transition." Include why Fletcher doubted he would see Bailey at this point in his trip and how he described Bailey when he first saw him.

4. Describe the different ways Fletcher arranged to receive supplies during his journey.

5. What were some changes Fletcher noticed soon after he left the platform over Hualpai Canyon?

6. What are some ways Fletcher describes the Havasupai Indians in "Interlude?"

7. During his week at Phantom Ranch, Fletcher experienced a change. What was this change, and what was one thing that contributed to it?

8. Several incidents surrounded the time Fletcher spent with David Powell in "Chapter 9, Man" Describe one of these incidents.

9. Describe the reasons behind Fletcher's decision to make his trip in mid-April.

10. What were the first three signs of man that Fletcher noticed after washing in Nankoweap Creek near the end of his journey in "Chapter 10, Exit?"

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