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Colin Fletcher
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Fletcher's idea was first fully formed, what doubts bugged him?
(a) How he would ask his boss for time off.
(b) How he would stay away from home so long.
(c) What he would do about his diabetes while he was on his journey.
(d) No real doubts.

2. Part 1 is called "The Place." What is the place?
(a) The Grand Canyon.
(b) The Painted Desert.
(c) Arizona.
(d) Forester Canyon.

3. What is the current age estimate of the third layer of the Grand Canyon?
(a) 350 million years.
(b) 275 million years.
(c) 800 years.
(d) 500 thousand years.

4. What material makes up the second layer of the Grand Canyon?
(a) Sandstone.
(b) Volcanic ash.
(c) Granite.
(d) Limestone.

5. What type of graphic is found at the beginning of "Part 3, The Journey?"
(a) A chart of vegetation found in the Grand Canyon.
(b) A bar graph showing the change in tourism at the Grand Canyon.
(c) A chart of wild life in the desert.
(d) A map showing a simplified profile of the geology of the Grand Canyon.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why might the Colorado River cause problems for Fletcher?

2. The Grand Canyon is found in the northern part of what state?

3. What is the current age estimate of the sixth layer of the Grand Canyon?

4. What places were presumably named for a member of Lorenzo Sinyala's family?

5. What are some things Fletcher describes in "Part 2, The Dream?"

Short Essay Questions

1. What types of information can be obtained from the graph on the first page of "Part 3, The Journey?"

2. At the very beginning of the Epilogue, what does Fletcher say might happen if man is not careful?

3. As Fletcher began to research the Grand Canyon in preparation for his journey, what were some of the barriers and challenges Fletcher realized he would need to consider?

4. What were some ways Fletcher planned to deal with the barriers and challenges he expected to face on his journey?

5. As Fletcher talked with Jim Bailey and a park naturalist in a cave at the beginning of "Chapter 6, Rock," he noticed something behind the words of Bailey and the other man. Describe what he noticed and what happened to it after they left.

6. Describe the meeting between Fletcher and Jim Bailey (the pilot who air-dropped Fletcher's supplies) at the end of "Chapter 5, Transition." Include why Fletcher doubted he would see Bailey at this point in his trip and how he described Bailey when he first saw him.

7. What were some intrusions on the interior of the Grand Canyon that man would make to accomplish the projects Fletcher discusses in the Epilogue?

8. What were some of the "signs of man" Fletcher noticed as he approaches Phantom Ranch?

9. If performed as proposed, what were some of the possible effects of the proposed projects Fletcher warns the reader about in the Epilogue?

10. In "Chapter 5, Transition," why did Fletcher decide to proceed to Bass Camp along the terrace rather than forging a trail down Fossil Canyon to the Colorado River?

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