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Colin Fletcher
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Fletcher mainly address in "Part 4, Epilogue?"
(a) The need for a progressive tourism industry in the Grand Canyon.
(b) Environmental concerns for the Grand Canyon.
(c) Fletcher's day-to-day routines outside the Grand Canyon.
(d) Fletcher's writings after his journey through the Grand Canyon.

2. What did Fletcher say would be different about how he would fit into society after his experience in the Grand Canyon?
(a) He thought he would be a better citizen because of his new insights.
(b) He was afraid he would not fit in well after spending so much time alone.
(c) He planned to live as a hermit.
(d) He planned to camp outside the Canyon protesting tourists.

3. What types of activities did Fletcher describe in "Chapter 7, Rhythm?"
(a) Indian activities such as carving arrowheads, making pottery, and sewing moccasins.
(b) Daily activities such as chores, fishing, and days of rest.
(c) Survival techniques such as bear hunting, teepee building, and first aid.
(d) Research activities such as charting, sampling and tagging.

4. What was the first intrusion from the outside world that Fletcher outlines in "Chapter 10, Exit?"
(a) Music from a camper's transistor radio.
(b) A baseball.
(c) A group of hikers.
(d) Helicopter tracks.

5. Where was Fletcher headed at the beginning of "Chapter 9, Man?"
(a) To the air drop site.
(b) Back to Phantom Ranch.
(c) Into a deep valley.
(d) Across the river.

6. What was one activity Fletcher thought might have accounted for a feeling of disconnection during his stay at Phantom Ranch?
(a) Photography.
(b) Paying Bills.
(c) Laundry
(d) Writing.

7. On his journey from Bass Trail to Phantom Ranch, where did Fletcher spend a day doing reconnaissance?
(a) The Supai Village.
(b) The Colorado River.
(c) The Steel Bridge.
(d) The Inner Gorge.

8. At the beginning of "Chapter 8, Life" what did Fletcher say he should have known "would drag me back into the present?"
(a) Phantom Ranch.
(b) Seeing a little boy playing in the dirt.
(c) Becoming ill.
(d) The Great Unconformity.

9. In "Chapter 9, Man," Fletcher planned to spend several days with a friend researching the Canyon. Who was this friend?
(a) Jim Bailey.
(b) John Wesley Powell.
(c) Doug Powell.
(d) Dr. Harvey Butchart.

10. How did Fletcher get along with his friend during their time studying the Grand Canyon?
(a) They got along very well and the visit made Fletcher long for civilization.
(b) Fletcher had trouble because he was used to living in solitude.
(c) They forgot about their research and spent all their time reminiscing.
(d) They parted on very bad terms.

11. How did Fletcher feel about the Grand Canyon during his time at Phantom Ranch?
(a) He was tired of the Canyon and was ready for the journey to end.
(b) He sensed a barrier between himself and the Canyon even though he tried to enjoy the rocks and other things as he did during his journey.
(c) He was angry at the Canyon for costing him his health.
(d) He wanted to build a home in the Canyon.

12. According to Fletcher, what physical effects could the Pacific Southwest Water Plan have had on the Grand Canyon?
(a) The Colorado River could disappear and wildlife could die.
(b) It would have no real effect.
(c) The Canyon would be flooded to make a huge reservoir.
(d) The walls of the Grand Canyon would crumble.

13. What did Fletcher attend a few weeks after the end of his journey through the Grand Canyon?
(a) A conference on the Pacific Southwest Water Plan.
(b) A pow-wow with the Havasupai Indians.
(c) A meeting for the Grand Canyon Tourist Committee.
(d) A meeting of environmental activists.

14. How long did Fletcher rest at Bass Trail?
(a) Two days.
(b) One month.
(c) Five days.
(d) Twelve hours.

15. In "Chapter 9, Man," Fletcher planned to spend several days with a friend researching the Canyon. Who was this friend?
(a) Doug Powell.
(b) Jim Bailey.
(c) Dr. Harvey Butchart.
(d) John Wesley Powell.

Short Answer Questions

1. What creatures did Fletcher enjoy observing after passing the last barrier past Phantom Ranch?

2. What did Fletcher say would be different about how he will fit into society?

3. What did Jim Bailey and the Park naturalist carry with them back over the Rim after speaking with Fletcher in the limestone cave?

4. How does Fletcher describe the last barrier he passed after leaving Phantom Ranch as he made his way toward his next air drop?

5. Whom does Fletcher quote at the end of "Part 4, Epilogue" as saying the Grand Canyon should be left alone?

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