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Colin Fletcher
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In "Chapter 2, Reconnaissance," what does Fletcher say he realized during his trip?
(a) He had a desire to become an archeologist.
(b) This would be the last trip he was physically able to make.
(c) The insignificance of man in comparison to the Grand Canyon and nature.
(d) He would be financially ruined when he returned home.

2. What were some of the plans for his trip that Fletcher details in "Part 2, The Dream?"
(a) Plans to arrange for food and water during his trip.
(b) Plans to arrange for a replacement for him at work.
(c) Plans for a mule to help him navigate the Grand Canyon.
(d) Plans to arrange a series of interviews with newspapers about his trip.

3. What advice did Lorenzo Sinyala offer to Fletcher?
(a) Sound advice about escaping a bear attack.
(b) Sound advice about marriage.
(c) Sound advice regarding the downward trail and the Supai village.
(d) Sound advice about walking long distances.

4. Approximately how thick is the third layer of the Grand Canyon?
(a) 200 feet.
(b) 20 feet.
(c) 750 feet.
(d) 1000 feet.

5. How did Fletcher redefine the path of his trip?
(a) From "one end of the Grand Canyon to the other" to "one end of the Grand Canyon National Park to the other."
(b) From "through the Canyon" to "around the Rim."
(c) From "through the Canyon" to "to the Canyon floor and back."
(d) From "around the Rim" to "along the Colorado River."

6. What did Fletcher pass and nearly miss altogether in "Chapter 4, Challenge?"
(a) The gap in the pass.
(b) The only fresh water for miles.
(c) The trail through the ravine.
(d) The first air drop of supplies.

7. What did "Part II, The Dream" describe?
(a) A childhood dream of Fletcher's in which he visited an American Indian village.
(b) A nightmare Fletcher had in which he fell from a high cliff.
(c) Fletcher's dream to become a famous explorer.
(d) Fletcher's pans to study the Grand Canyon and travel it alone.

8. How many layers are included in the Rim?
(a) 8.
(b) 2.
(c) 5.
(d) 3.

9. The Grand Canyon is found in the northern part of what state?
(a) Nevada.
(b) New Mexico.
(c) Colorado.
(d) Arizona.

10. What type of graphic is found at the beginning of "Part 3, The Journey?"
(a) A map showing a simplified profile of the geology of the Grand Canyon.
(b) A bar graph showing the change in tourism at the Grand Canyon.
(c) A chart of wild life in the desert.
(d) A chart of vegetation found in the Grand Canyon.

11. When Fletcher's idea was first fully formed, what doubts bugged him?
(a) What he would do about his diabetes while he was on his journey.
(b) How he would stay away from home so long.
(c) No real doubts.
(d) How he would ask his boss for time off.

12. What kind of condition was Fletcher in at the beginning of his trip?
(a) Diabetic but with great stamina.
(b) Great physical condition.
(c) Just recovering from influenza.
(d) Suffering from rheumatoid arthritis.

13. What did the note found in Fletcher's care package say?
(a) There would be no more care packages.
(b) Fletcher would need to remain in Bass Camp one week to wait for supplies.
(c) Jim Bailey would arrive in Bass Camp when Fletcher was due to arrive.
(d) Fletcher's wife loved him.

14. How does "Part 1, The Place" begin?
(a) With information on traveling through Arizona.
(b) With facts about tourist destinations in the United States.
(c) With advice on hiking.
(d) With facts about the Grand Canyon.

15. Why did Fletcher decide to see the Grand Canyon the first time?
(a) He felt it was an important thing for a tourist in the area to see.
(b) He took a dare.
(c) He didn't decide. It was a surprise trip from his girlfriend.
(d) He wanted to paint a picture of it.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did Fletcher say he saw even before he came close to the Grand Canyon?

2. What did geologists say disrupted the Colorado River's flow and lead to the formation of the Grand Canyon?

3. Why does Fletcher say it might have been good that he didn't start his journey right after he decided to take it?

4. What information was not sought by Fletcher before beginning his trip?

5. What is the current age estimate of the sixth layer of the Grand Canyon?

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