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Colin Fletcher
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What questions does Fletcher say he hoped he would find some solutions for as he traveled the Grand Canyon?
(a) "How do the Havasupai live?" and "What is the history of the mule?"
(b) "How long can a man go without human contact?" and "What current wild animals can be domesticated?"
(c) "Where did we come from?" and "What are we doing here?""
(d) "Was there really a great flood?" and "Is the Grand Canyon really as old as they say?"

2. What is the current age estimate of the second layer of the Grand Canyon?
(a) 50 thousand years.
(b) 10 million years.
(c) 250 million years.
(d) 500 million years.

3. Whom does Fletcher credit with giving him the most knowledge of the Grand Canyon?
(a) Dr. Harvey Butchart.
(b) The park ranger at the tourist office.
(c) Neil Ukwalla.
(d) John Wesley Powell.

4. Approximately how thick is the fifth layer of the Grand Canyon?
(a) 200 feet.
(b) 500 feet.
(c) 1000 feet.
(d) 50 feet.

5. Fletcher says while studying the Grand Canyon he realized the silence there was not a timeless one as he first thought. How does he define it instead?
(a) "A silence built of the seconds that had ticked away, eon after eon."
(b) "Not a silence at all but the beautiful noise of nature."
(c) "A silence established by an abundance of rock."
(d) "A silence of the future."

6. What does Fletcher say he knew as soon as he saw the Grand Canyon?
(a) His fear of heights was coming back.
(b) This place would make him famous.
(c) The way he saw things would change.
(d) He would soon be hangliding over the Canyon.

7. In "Chapter 2, Reconnaissance," what does Fletcher say he realized during his trip?
(a) The insignificance of man in comparison to the Grand Canyon and nature.
(b) He would be financially ruined when he returned home.
(c) This would be the last trip he was physically able to make.
(d) He had a desire to become an archeologist.

8. How many layers of the Grand Canyon are shown in the schematic in "Part 3, The Journey?"
(a) 20.
(b) 5.
(c) 8.
(d) 12.

9. Who does Fletcher credit with making the first trip through the Grand Canyon?
(a) Hernando DeSoto.
(b) Lorenzo Sinyala.
(c) John Wesley Powell.
(d) Lewis and Clark.

10. What did "Part II, The Dream" describe?
(a) Fletcher's pans to study the Grand Canyon and travel it alone.
(b) A nightmare Fletcher had in which he fell from a high cliff.
(c) Fletcher's dream to become a famous explorer.
(d) A childhood dream of Fletcher's in which he visited an American Indian village.

11. How long did it take to for the Grand Canyon to form?
(a) A thousand years.
(b) 200 years.
(c) Millions of years.
(d) 500 Billion years.

12. What lifestyle does Fletcher describe in a footnote in "Part 2, The Dream?"
(a) A compulsive walker.
(b) An accomplished musician.
(c) A compulsive gambler.
(d) A famous millionaire.

13. What material makes up the first and youngest layer of the Grand Canyon?
(a) Silt.
(b) Volcanic ash.
(c) Limestone.
(d) Quartz.

14. What is the name of the government agency established to protect the rights of Native Americans?
(a) Commission of Indian Rights.
(b) Native American Commission.
(c) Native American Administration.
(d) Bureau of Indian Affairs.

15. Why does Fletcher say it might have been good that he didn't start his journey right after he decided to take it?
(a) The time helped him test the idea to see whether or not he really wanted to do it.
(b) It gave him more time to say goodbye to his family.
(c) It gave him time to fully recover from the flu.
(d) It gave him time to get the nerve together for the dangerous trip.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is the "The Man" in The Man Who Walked Through Time?

2. What does Fletcher say he realized he might be doing when he hiked through the Grand Canyon?

3. What event sparked a desire for Fletcher to study the Grand Canyon and make a journey through it alone?

4. What material makes up the second layer of the Grand Canyon?

5. What material comprises the sixth layer of the Grand Canyon?

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