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Colin Fletcher
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What advice did Lorenzo Sinyala offer to Fletcher?
(a) Sound advice regarding the downward trail and the Supai village.
(b) Sound advice about escaping a bear attack.
(c) Sound advice about walking long distances.
(d) Sound advice about marriage.

2. What is the area directly underneath the seventh layer of the Grand Canyon?
(a) Esplanade.
(b) The Erosion Surface.
(c) The Grand Platform.
(d) The Angle Pass.

3. Approximately how thick is the third layer of the Grand Canyon?
(a) 200 feet.
(b) 20 feet.
(c) 1000 feet.
(d) 750 feet.

4. What is the area directly above the seventh layer of the Grand Canyon called?
(a) The Rim.
(b) The Red Wall.
(c) The Tonto Platform.
(d) The Grand Trench.

5. Where did Fletcher's journey begin?
(a) The Alamo.
(b) The Rio Grande.
(c) The Grand Ravine.
(d) Hualpai Hilltop.

6. What is the name of the government agency established to protect the rights of Native Americans?
(a) Native American Commission.
(b) Commission of Indian Rights.
(c) Bureau of Indian Affairs.
(d) Native American Administration.

7. What event sparked a desire for Fletcher to study the Grand Canyon and make a journey through it alone?
(a) An impromptu side trip made to the Grand Canyon during a cross country journey with a friend.
(b) A television special highlighting the place.
(c) The death of a close friend.
(d) A visit from and American Indian in a dream.

8. How long after he saw the Grand Canyon for the first time did Fletcher begin his trip?
(a) About a year.
(b) Almost 2 months.
(c) About 6 months.
(d) Exactly 2 years.

9. When did Fletcher's dream become a reality?
(a) Late February.
(b) Early December.
(c) Never.
(d) Mid-April.

10. What is the current age estimate of the third layer of the Grand Canyon?
(a) 350 million years.
(b) 800 years.
(c) 275 million years.
(d) 500 thousand years.

11. What material makes up the seventh layer of the Grand Canyon?
(a) Marble.
(b) Granite.
(c) Limestone.
(d) Tapeats sandstone.

12. What questions does Fletcher say he hoped he would find some solutions for as he traveled the Grand Canyon?
(a) "Was there really a great flood?" and "Is the Grand Canyon really as old as they say?"
(b) "How do the Havasupai live?" and "What is the history of the mule?"
(c) "Where did we come from?" and "What are we doing here?""
(d) "How long can a man go without human contact?" and "What current wild animals can be domesticated?"

13. What kind of condition was Fletcher in at the beginning of his trip?
(a) Just recovering from influenza.
(b) Diabetic but with great stamina.
(c) Suffering from rheumatoid arthritis.
(d) Great physical condition.

14. What was the approximate depth of the Grand Canyon at the time the book was written?
(a) 500 feet.
(b) 1 mile.
(c) 5 miles.
(d) 2000 feet.

15. What lifestyle does Fletcher describe in a footnote in "Part 2, The Dream?"
(a) An accomplished musician.
(b) A compulsive walker.
(c) A famous millionaire.
(d) A compulsive gambler.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does "Part 1, The Place" begin?

2. How did Fletcher redefine the path of his trip?

3. What is considered the top layer of the Grand Canyon?

4. Who is the "The Man" in The Man Who Walked Through Time?

5. What are layers 4 through 6 of the Grand Canyon called?

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