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Colin Fletcher
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What material makes up the second layer of the Grand Canyon?
(a) Volcanic ash.
(b) Sandstone.
(c) Granite.
(d) Limestone.

2. What substance comprises the fourth layer of the Grand Canyon?
(a) Quartz.
(b) Sandstone.
(c) Redwall Limestone.
(d) Flagstone.

3. About what did Fletcher begin to worry in "Chapter 3, Interlude?"
(a) His injured ankle.
(b) The endangered animals living in the canyon.
(c) Bad weather.
(d) The lack of modern technology in the Supai village.

4. What urge came to Fletcher's mind as he witnessed the different sights at the Rim?
(a) To climb the mountain.
(b) To hike the canyon.
(c) To leave and never come back.
(d) To swim across the river.

5. What is considered the top layer of the Grand Canyon?
(a) The top of the Rim.
(b) The Inner Gorge.
(c) The Erosion Surface.
(d) The Tonto Platform.

6. What did Fletcher pass and nearly miss altogether in "Chapter 4, Challenge?"
(a) The gap in the pass.
(b) The trail through the ravine.
(c) The first air drop of supplies.
(d) The only fresh water for miles.

7. What did geologists say disrupted the Colorado River's flow and lead to the formation of the Grand Canyon?
(a) A comet.
(b) A volcano.
(c) An upheaval of earth.
(d) A land slide.

8. Why did Fletcher stay at the Grand Canyon Village for a while just before beginning his trip?
(a) He liked the view.
(b) He was waiting for his friend.
(c) He was trying to raise money.
(d) His heel was infected.

9. With what event does "Chapter 5, Transition" begin?
(a) A Cessna flying away.
(b) Fletcher falling into a ravine.
(c) Fletcher running out of water.
(d) Wolves attacking the camp.

10. Why does Fletcher say it might have been good that he didn't start his journey right after he decided to take it?
(a) It gave him time to get the nerve together for the dangerous trip.
(b) It gave him time to fully recover from the flu.
(c) The time helped him test the idea to see whether or not he really wanted to do it.
(d) It gave him more time to say goodbye to his family.

11. What type of graphic is found at the beginning of "Part 3, The Journey?"
(a) A chart of vegetation found in the Grand Canyon.
(b) A bar graph showing the change in tourism at the Grand Canyon.
(c) A map showing a simplified profile of the geology of the Grand Canyon.
(d) A chart of wild life in the desert.

12. Approximately how thick is the first layer of the Grand Canyon?
(a) 20 feet.
(b) 400 feet.
(c) 1000 feet.
(d) 5 feet.

13. Where did Fletcher go to ask questions about the area in which he would be traveling?
(a) The Desert Travel Information Center.
(b) The Forestry Service Office.
(c) The Grand Canyon National Park Office.
(d) The Arizona State Park Building.

14. Why did Fletcher rule out following a route along the Colorado River?
(a) It had many deep gorges and impassable areas.
(b) He was afraid of the roaring water.
(c) It changed to an underground stream in places and was hard to follow.
(d) It crossed into an area sacred to the Havasupai Indians.

15. What is the current age estimate of the seventh layer of the Grand Canyon?
(a) 750 thousand years.
(b) 30 thousand years.
(c) 1 billion years.
(d) 500 million years.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did the note found in Fletcher's care package say?

2. Where did Fletcher arrive in "Chapter 4, Challenge" that was such a relief to him?

3. How long did Dr. Harvey Butchart study the Grand Canyon?

4. How long is the Grand Canyon?

5. Where did Fletcher's journey begin?

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