Daily Lessons for Teaching The Man Who Walked Through Time

Colin Fletcher
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Objective: "Part 1, The Place" In "Part 1, The Place," Fletcher gives details of the physical aspects of the Grand Canyon. In this lesson, students will explore where the Grand Canyon is found on a map and some general information about the Grand Canyon's physical properties.

1) 1)Individual Activity: Find a map of Arizona on-line or in an atlas. Write a description of where the Grand Canyon is located in Arizona, giving details about surrounding towns and terrain.

2)Group Activity: Obtain photos of the Grand Canyon either on-line or in books. Make a list of the different physical attributes you notice in the pictures. These descriptions should include colors, textures, and changes in the appearance based on the angle and time of day featured in the photos. Choose a group leader to share the attributes with the rest of the class.

3)Class Discussion: Read part of the author's description of...

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