The Man Who Walked Through Time Character Descriptions

Colin Fletcher
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Colin Fletcher - This individual was a well-known author, environmentalist, and backpacking enthusiast.

John Wesley Powell - This individual was a geologist, anthropologist, scientist, and noted explorer of the American West.

Lorenzo Sinyala - This Native American individual offered advice about the downward trail of the Grand Canyon.

Havasupai Indians - This group of people was often referred to as the Supai. They were the only tribe to settle and survive in the Grand Canyon.

Neil Ukwalla - This individual was a cheerful person who served as the tribal tourist manager.

William Wallace Bass - This individual was a guide and dude ranch owner who started as a would-be prospector.

Jim Bailey - This individual was a park ranger and the primary character's main contact throughout the course of the expedition.

Dr. Harvey Butchart - This individual was a jolly schizophrenic and a mathematics professor at...

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