The Man Who Walked Through Time Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Colin Fletcher
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Parts 1 and 2

• In "Part 1, The Place," Colin Fletcher tells the reader facts about the Grand Canyon.

• Geologists believed the Canyon was formed over millions of years by the Colorado River.

• Fletcher points out how slow the process was that formed the Canyon.

• The Canyon is still changing today.

• In "Part 2, The Dream," Fletcher describes how he planed for the trip through the Canyon.

• Fletcher decided to travel the Grand Canyon after visiting it for the first time.

• During his first trip to the Rim, Fletcher was shocked by the timelessness and immenseness of the Canyon.

• Fletcher described some of the rocks and beauty of the Canyon.

• Fletcher says the idea to travel through the Canyon came all at once.

• Fletcher says he had no serious doubts once the idea came to him.

• Fletcher tells the reader he is a compulsive walker.

• Fletcher describes a compulsive walker as someone...

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