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Short Answer Questions

1. What upsets Sam after Henny gives birth?

2. Why does Sam say he can't let Louie go?

3. Henny threatens Sam with _________.

4. Louie says Spa House is filled with __________________.

5. What does Josephine Pollit carry on about?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

How are we to take the murder at the end of 'The Man Who Loved Children'? Is this a crime Louie will lament for the rest of her days? Was it somehow self-defense? Was it an uncomfortable authorial imposition on a narrative that wasn't ending neatly?

Essay Topic 2

Write a character sketch of the author based on his style and content. What values does he hold dear? What are his hopes and fears? What kind of person do you think he is? Anchor your sketch in passages in the book.

Essay Topic 3

The story of Bonnie's baby gives the primary narrative of Louie, Sam, and Henny's relationship a greater depth and resonance. What does this subplot contribute to the book? What themes does it resonate with, and what part of this story, if any, threatens to overtake the primary narrative? Is it too emotional, too hidden, or too unspeakable? What keeps this subplot from being more important to the story? What does this subplot tell you about Stead's values as a storyteller?

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