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Short Answer Questions

1. What are Louie's feelings about what she has done?

2. What is Louie's reaction when Sam reads her poetry?

3. What does Sam say to excuse Henny's behavior when she beats Ernie for no reason?

4. What does the Pollit family begin to prepare for after the homecoming celebration?

5. What does Saul Pilgrim tell Sam?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe Miss Aiden's visit.

2. Describe the children's reaction to the marlin Sam brings home.

3. What does the anonymous letter Sam receives say?

4. How has the relationship between Sam and Henny changed by the time of Cathleen's eighteenth birthday?

5. What leads up to Henny's death?

6. Describe the reading of David Collyer's will.

7. Describe Henny's fight with Louie.

8. What happens when Sam reads Louie's poetry?

9. How do the Pollits end up in Spa House?

10. Describe the atmosphere at the celebration for Sam's homecoming.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

How are we to take the murder at the end of 'The Man Who Loved Children'? Is this a crime Louie will lament for the rest of her days? Was it somehow self-defense? Was it an uncomfortable authorial imposition on a narrative that wasn't ending neatly?

Essay Topic 2

When he is working in Malaysia, Sam tells his Naden clerk not to address him formally, but to view him as an equal. How does Sam's democratic impulse fare in the book? Is it an advantage or a disadvantage--not only to the characters' lives, but to the reader's experience? Is it a positive trait?

Essay Topic 3

How does 'The Man Who Loved Children' raise our expectations throughout the novel and then dash them with the ending? Is the ending of 'The Man Who Loved Children' a total surprise? If so, what is the expected ending? Reading the novel closely, describe how our expectations are built and shaped.

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