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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Sam warns Louie about ________.
(a) Strangers.
(b) Money.
(c) Sex.
(d) Henny.

2. What is the state of Sam and Henny's relationship when Henny is making a gift for Cathleen?
(a) It's the same as it ever was.
(b) It's healthier.
(c) It's disintegrated.
(d) It's not clear to either of them, what with the move.

3. How does the narrator characterize the house Sam finds?
(a) It is splendid.
(b) It needs work.
(c) It is a wreck.
(d) It will have to be totally rebuilt.

4. What does Sam say to excuse Henny's behavior when she beats Ernie for no reason?
(a) It is one of her moods.
(b) Ernie had it coming.
(c) She didn't mean it.
(d) These things happen.

5. What is Sam's response to this event?
(a) He consumes himself in preparing to present his case.
(b) He rants and raves about the injustice of it.
(c) He is determined to enjoy the summer.
(d) He starts looking for work immediately.

6. Sam and the other children make fun of Ernie for _____________.
(a) His weight.
(b) His foolishness.
(c) His awkwardness with girls.
(d) His concern about money.

7. What is Henny's response when Sam confronts her?
(a) She knows who wrote the letter.
(b) She would never have betrayed him, even in spite of his infidelities.
(c) He is a worthless person, who has no right to accuse her.
(d) She has every right to have affairs, considering his infidelities.

8. What does Sam say about Louie ever leaving?
(a) He says if she tries to leave he will kill her.
(b) He says that if she wants to leave, she will have to pay her own way.
(c) He says she can never leave him.
(d) He says that she can go whenever she likes.

9. How does Sam anger Colonel Willets?
(a) By responding pleasantly to his rudeness.
(b) By refusing to tell Colonel Willets about funding opportunities.
(c) By claiming everything as his own work.
(d) By working so hard that no one else needs to contribute much.

10. What does Henny say she wishes the children would do?
(a) Take care of themselves.
(b) Finish their homework.
(c) Chip in on chores.
(d) Die.

11. Where does Louie go?
(a) Washington D.C.
(b) Her mother's family in Harper's Ferry.
(c) Anywhere.
(d) To live with Miss Aiden.

12. How does Clare approach her poverty?
(a) By laughing at it.
(b) By shrinking inside herself.
(c) By letting people walk all over her.
(d) By apologizing all the time.

13. Why does Sam say he can't let Louie go?
(a) He can't afford to let her go.
(b) He needs her income.
(c) He has too many burdens.
(d) He needs her to stay.

14. Sam tells Bonnie _________________.
(a) About her baby.
(b) About Henny's death.
(c) About his financial problems.
(d) About Jo's affairs.

15. How does Bert Anderson disappoint Henny?
(a) He does not have money to give her.
(b) He tells her to count her blessings.
(c) He refuses to listen to her complain.
(d) He walks away from their conversation.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does the narrator characterize the relationship between Sam and Colonel Willets?

2. What does the narrator say is clear has happened since Henny left Tohoga House?

3. What have the children become by the end of the summer?

4. What happens to Louie in her first days in high school?

5. What does Louie put in Henny's tea?

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