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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Louie see when she looks into Henny's room?
(a) Sam sitting with his head in his hands and Henny ranting.
(b) Henny standing over Sam with a razor in her hand.
(c) Henny beating Sam.
(d) Sam and Henny talking softly.

2. What does Henny snap at when she is in a foul mood?
(a) Louie for being dirty.
(b) Sam for his infidelities.
(c) Miss Aiden for taking care of Louie.
(d) Tommy for mouthing off.

3. What does Bonnie tell Sam?
(a) She will get married.
(b) She wants to die.
(c) She will never see the baby's father.
(d) She will marry him.

4. Henny threatens Sam with _________.
(a) Killing him.
(b) Leaving.
(c) Kicking him out.
(d) Hurting Louie or Ernie.

5. How do things change in the house after Sam returns home?
(a) Everything in the house gets a new Malay name.
(b) Henny moves out.
(c) Sam moves in all of his Eastern furniture.
(d) Sam spends a lot of time writing letters.

6. Sam and the other children make fun of Ernie for _____________.
(a) His awkwardness with girls.
(b) His foolishness.
(c) His concern about money.
(d) His weight.

7. What does the Pollit family begin to prepare for after the homecoming celebration?
(a) Sam's next departure.
(b) David Collyer's funeral.
(c) Henny's new baby.
(d) Louie's graduation party.

8. Sam pays for ______________.
(a) More news of Colonel Willets.
(b) Bonnie to get married.
(c) The baby's needs.
(d) The baby to be taken away.

9. How does the narrator say Henny's moods change?
(a) They mellow.
(b) They become angrier.
(c) They become more changeable.
(d) They become more vile.

10. What does Ernie admire in his secret money box?
(a) A set of old keys.
(b) His savings.
(c) His collection of lead.
(d) Henny's foreign coins.

11. What are Louie's feelings about what she has done?
(a) Crushing guilt.
(b) Life will go on.
(c) She feels nothing.
(d) She is ruthless.

12. Sam tells Bonnie _________________.
(a) About his financial problems.
(b) About Henny's death.
(c) About her baby.
(d) About Jo's affairs.

13. What happens when Sam opens the crates he brought home from Malaysia?
(a) The scene is disrupted by Henny going into labor.
(b) Everyone is thrilled with their gifts.
(c) He is embarrassed to have forgotten a number of people.
(d) People are excited, but some are unhappy with their small gifts.

14. What does Louie tell her father she wants to do?
(a) Kill Henny.
(b) Kill herself.
(c) Kill him.
(d) Leave Spa House.

15. What happens to Bonnie in the end of the book?
(a) She is institutionalized.
(b) She runs away.
(c) She comes back to the house.
(d) She marries Sam.

Short Answer Questions

1. What had Sam brought back from Malaysia in the crates?

2. What have the children become by the end of the summer?

3. What does Sam get the children excited about?

4. Now that we have read the ending, the book's title 'The Man Who Loved Children' could be seen __________.

5. Where does Louie go?

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