The Man Who Loved Children Character Descriptions

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Henrietta Collyer Pollit

This person is formidable, with a slender gambler's nose, sharp oval face, a bitter set to a discolored mouth, scornful nostrils, and uncommon height.

Sam Pollit

This person is a naturalist by profession, working for the university.

Louisa Pollit

This person is eleven years old, the child of a dead mother.

Ernie Pollit

This person begins to understand the family situation and becomes alarmed by the family's finances.

Josephine Pollit

This person is a teacher who is a central figure in the family.

Bonnie Pollit

This person helps out with a sibling's family and has difficulty finding a place in the world.

Angela Kydd

This person is an eccentric neighbor.

Bert Anderson

This person is a long time friend who serves as a sounding board and savior.

Pollit Children

These people are seven in number.

Miss Aiden

This person is a beloved high school teacher...

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