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Monty Roberts
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who said "That was one of the most wonderful things I've ever seen in my life" in Chapter 7, The Invitation That Changed My Life?
(a) The Royal Jester.
(b) Prince Charles.
(c) The Queen Mother.
(d) The King.

2. What horse did Monty discover was afraid of the rail in Chapter 8, When a Racehorse's Worst Memory is a Starting Gate?
(a) Jester of Fools.
(b) Keeper of the Light.
(c) Prince of Darkness.
(d) Wizard of Wonder.

3. What was left dead of feeling for Monty in the end of Chapter 5, Flag is Up Farms Regained?
(a) His left leg.
(b) His right leg.
(c) His left arm.
(d) His right arm.

4. Who wrote the book Horse Whispers & Lies?
(a) Joyce Renebome.
(b) Monty Roberts.
(c) Debra Ristau.
(d) Joyce Renebome and Debra Ristau.

5. When did the Queen of England's golden jubilee take place?
(a) 1995.
(b) 2002.
(c) 2000.
(d) 1999.

Short Answer Questions

1. What color is Lomitas described as in the text?

2. What did Monty think his friend could use in order to help out on Flag is Up Farms in Chapter 5, Flag is Up Farms Regained?

3. Monty wrote that when he speaks with _______ groups they cannot believe the work he does with deer.

4. How old was Johnny Tivio when he died?

5. How many children did the current Queen of England have?

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