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Monty Roberts
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 4, The Sand-Castle Syndrome.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Monty's method of training horses was largely based on cultivating what with the animal?
(a) Trust.
(b) Fear.
(c) Intelligence.
(d) Resentment.

2. What does Monty refer to as "the most wonderful and the most predictable creatures on earth"?
(a) Horses.
(b) Deer.
(c) Rabbits.
(d) Hawks.

3. Monty's family's friend had what position on the set of "East of Eden"?
(a) First AD.
(b) Second NR.
(c) Third HC.
(d) Fifth AB.

4. Where was most of the wild horse population during Monty's childhood?
(a) Nevada.
(b) Montana.
(c) California.
(d) New Mexico.

5. In what year did Monty turn fourteen?
(a) 1949.
(b) 1953.
(c) 1966.
(d) 1942.

Short Answer Questions

1. In what year was Monty Roberts born?

2. How many children did Monty and his wife have?

3. What psychological disorder did Hastings Harcourt suffer from?

4. What kind tutor with a 1940s hairstyle was Monty's babysitter and also his teacher?

5. What horse which Monty bought for Hastings Harcourt ended up being ranked the best 3 year old in California?

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