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Monty Roberts
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 3, East of Eden.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What was one use for horses during World War II?
(a) Pulling cars from ditches.
(b) Horse meat.
(c) As cattle guards.
(d) Bomb carriers.

2. Monty won various competitions in Chapter 3, East of Eden, including what?
(a) Snake charming.
(b) Bull-riding.
(c) Dog training.
(d) Dog racing.

3. Who, along with the director, asked Monty to watch the dailies and give his thoughts on "East of Eden"?
(a) Raymond Massey.
(b) James Dean.
(c) Burl Ives.
(d) Don Page.

4. What event was part of the Salinas Rodeo during Monty's childhood?
(a) The Mayor's Chicken Catch.
(b) The Hungry Hog Race.
(c) The Backward Mule Ride.
(d) The Wild Horse Race.

5. What did Monty's father find Monty's compassionate methods of training horses to be?
(a) Life-changing.
(b) An outrage.
(c) Beautiful.
(d) Inspiring.

Short Answer Questions

1. Monty's method of training horses was largely based on cultivating what with the animal?

2. What was the name of the medium brown horse with a white dot between his eyes that Monty met in Chapter 2, Growing Up with Horses?

3. How many siblings does Monty Roberts have?

4. Once Monty was free to some extent from his father's rule, he decided that instead of doing rodeos, he would join the wrestling and what team?

5. How many mustangs did Monty return from Nevada with in Chapter 1, The Call of the Wild Horses?

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