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Monty Roberts
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through When a Racehorse's Worst Memory is a Starting Gate.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Monty wrote that when he speaks with _______ groups they cannot believe the work he does with deer.
(a) Feline.
(b) Astronomy.
(c) Equestrian.
(d) Canine.

2. What did Monty receive in Chapter 7, The Invitation That Changed My Life?
(a) The first place trophy.
(b) The royal seal of approval.
(c) The red ribbon.
(d) The purple heart.

3. What name refers to a female deer?
(a) Doe.
(b) Joey.
(c) Mallard.
(d) Buck.

4. What was left dead of feeling for Monty in the end of Chapter 5, Flag is Up Farms Regained?
(a) His left arm.
(b) His right arm.
(c) His left leg.
(d) His right leg.

5. When did Monty realize was the best time for observing the wild horses' relaxed social interaction in Chapter 1, The Call of the Wild Horses?
(a) Mating season.
(b) Around the equinox.
(c) March and April.
(d) Night.

Short Answer Questions

1. In what year in Chapter 2, Growing Up with Horses did Monty's family have to leave their home?

2. Where were the horses on Monty's family's farm sent when they had to move in Chapter 2, Growing Up with Horses?

3. What color is Lomitas described as in the text?

4. Where was the house in the middle of Salinas that Monty and his family moved to in Chapter 2, Growing Up with Horses?

5. Meeting the Queen of England was what for Monty?

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